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Letter From the Editor: April Fools’ Day? Not This Year

Fake News Bitmoji

Bitmoji provided by Abbi Matheson ’17

For the past two years, we’ve been writing April Fools’ Day pieces. This year, we decided against it.

Two years ago, we came up with the idea that Emmanuel would be a women’s-only college by Fall 2016. It was apparently so believable that people were calling the Admissions office to ask if it was true.  Last year, we concocted that the new Julie Hall would be for science majors only. Once again, people believed it was true.

That got us thinking, are these April Fools’ Day stories feeding the plague of fake news? Sure we know they’re for April Fools’ Day. But more often than not, we see people share the article after only reading the headline or a few paragraphs. They assume the piece to be truthful, and why shouldn’t they? Everything else we publish is filled with journalistic integrity; I’ve made sure of that. We asked ourselves, is an April Fools’ Day joke worth it?

It’s not.

As a student newspaper on a college campus, our main goal is to educate both our writers and our readers. Our writers learn how to properly report and write an article, and our readers learn about their campus from us. Instead, we want to take this time to talk about fake news.

Fake news has become a popular term in the past election cycle and particularly as of late. Our sitting president, Donald Trump, has often referred to reputable news sources such as ABC and the New York Times as “fake news.” What’s the danger here? They aren’t just words. According to NPR, putting the word “fake” in front of “news” it implies that the news is not serving its most basic function, to be real.

We want to be real. We want you to know that everything we publish is true. We want you to know that you can come here, to, and know that what you are reading is both accurate and representative of all sides.

As for finding reputable news sources outside the gates of Emmanuel College? I’m a fan of this diagram.

Abbi Matheson is the Editor in Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter at @abbimatheson.

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