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A Dash of Heather: Sorry, Marky-Mark

Wahlburgers never quite hit the spot for me. So, while my search for the greatest burger continues–and my desire to become a vegetarian becomes more and more distant with each carnivore craving–I can’t help but return to these Boston spots over and over (sorry vegetarian friends, next month will be my fave vegan spots).

Rock Bottom
115 Stuart Street, Boston

Two words: Fireman’s Burger. Let the drool commence.

This spicy 3/4 pounder is packed with flavor featuring pepper jack cheese, avocado, pickled jalapeños and red onions, lettuce, red chile sauce, and chipotle mayo. Other mouthwatering burgers include Rock Bottom’s Classic, Smashed and Stacked, Bacon Cheddar,  and Maker’s Mark Bourbonzola. Beyond burgers, other favorites from this Downtown spot include Southwest Egg Rolls and the Sante Fe Ranch Chicken Salad.

R. F. O’Sullivan & Son
282 Beacon Street, Somerville

Their homepage says it perfectly: “If you’ve got the urge for the thickest, juiciest, freshest, most mouth-watering burger around, point your carnivore compass to R.F. O’Sullivan’s Pub, in Somerville, Massachusetts.”

This pub is famous for two things: selection and a lack of “squish.”

“That’s the number one rule, is when these chefs come in to cook I say, ‘Do not squish the burgers down. We’re known for a nice puffy burger.’ The way the meat is, if you squish it, like a lot of people do, you’re squishing out the juices, the flavors of it, which is the number one, do not do,” says owner Richard Sullivan.

These quality burgers are available in over two-dozen ways and all for around seven bucks. With big portions packed with flavor for a price so affordable, this Somerville joint is a can’t-miss for college students.

Wheelhouse Boston
63 Broad Street, Boston

How does bacon onion jam and cheddar on a burger, also known as the “Jam Session” sound?

This downtown gem features drool-worthy burgers with creative names like “The Purist” (burger, cheese, bun, no frills), “The Fun Guy” (seared wild mushrooms with dijonaise topped with gruyere cheese), and “Boom goes the Dynamite” (garlicky jalapeño hot sauce and “no refunds for being too spicy”).

You know someone knows how to layer a burger when cheese gets on each layer 🙌🏻 –Wheelhouse, Boston– 📸 @wheelhouseboston #extracheeseextrasauce

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Tasty Burger
1301 Boylston Street, Fenway

How could I not include a Saturday at midnight favorite? While Wahlburgers proves overrated and overpriced in my amateur opinion, Tasty Burger lives on in my wildest cheeseburger fantasies. Even with negative seven dollars in my bank account, I’ve paced back and forth in front of the takeout window craving a Big Tasty. It’s not a problem, but it’s a problem.

Charlie’s Kitchen
10 Eliot Street, Cambridge

Known as the “Double Cheeseburger King,” Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square has been around for over 40 years, and with good reason. Add some bacon or guacamole to one of their famous double cheeseburgers, pair with waffle fries, and enjoy! For a decent price too, something tells me you won’t be disappointed.

Heather Alterisio ’17 is the Executive Managing Editor and a Staff Writer for the Hub.  A Dash of Heather is a monthly food and fun column that aims to bring awareness to cheap, local, and delicious hole-in-the-wall eateries. 

What would you like to see featured in the next column? What restaurants are a can’t-miss in your opinion? Place suggestions in the comments, email me at, or tweet @HeathAlt.

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