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Two EC Alumni Start Music Website, Headrush TV

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Like many other Emmanuel students, 2016 alum Chris Coutsoukis relied on music to get him through college and life’s ups and downs. In college, Coutsoukis knew he wanted to participate in activities that would become endeavors.

He took that motivation and turned it into an opportunity that would become Headrush TV. Coutsoukis cofounded the music website with fellow 2016 alum Jordan Lindley. The site includes album reviews, photo shoots of concerts, interviews with bands, and more.

“As a student at Emmanuel, I gained music industry experience by working part time and interning for local radio stations in the Boston area. My business partner Jordan also interned for local music studios,” said Coutsoukis.

With those connections, they were able to expand Headrush TV into something bigger.

“One achievement that truly hit me was when we started working with my childhood heroes, Avenged Sevenfold of Capitol Records. This is a music group I had been listening to and playing on guitar since I was at least twelve years old. To see this artist displayed as a client on our website is something that is extremely humbling,” said Coutsoukis.

Headrush TV is an LLC in the State of Massachusetts. They have also signed a partnership with Ticketmaster, iTunes, and Reverb. They also launched a successful internship program and work with almost every musical act in the market.

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The internship program consists of emailing local/national bands for interviews, writing articles, and keeping the website updated.

“We targeted major record labels and nationally recognized artists as customer before making a name in the local scene. This allowed us to reach a large audience quickly and got us into the market much faster than a bottom-up strategy,” Coutsoukis said.

Headrush TV started in the spring of 2015. Coutsoukis had to create a domain, website service, and buy a camera and interview equipment. While Headrush TV is still working its way to the top, it is not a race.

“One saying that I have heard frequently and agree with is, ‘your career is a marathon, not a sprint,’” stated Coutsoukis.

Headrush TV has a lot to look forward to such launching apparel, merchandise, a memorabilia online store called the “Rock Shop;” chasing market shares similar to Alternative Press, Revolver and Loudwire; and continuing to strengthen partnerships with networks of record labels, publicity firms, and artist management.

Check out their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

Vicky Branca ’17 is a staff writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at

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