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“We” A Poem By JKZ

On the weekend I spend long nights thinking about you. Hours go by but me fantasies never die out. The thought of you changes who I am, like a caterpillar into a butterfly. The sight of you turns me into light from the dark. Why do things have to be this way? Well in truth, because we want them to be. How do we know when we know? I could tell you all these cheesy things you do that put an authentic smile on my face. How you do that little tilt with your head every time I make you laugh. How I get lost in your iris, how I dream of playing with your hair or how I always wondered how your skin feels, even how you taste. I’ve always wanted to see that other side of you and not that lovely performance I see before me. You see, although I can go on and on about you, you are not “you”. You always change. I couldn’t tell who you’d be tomorrow. It’s why I have to change with you. You are no different, no more important to me than you were yesterday. You can say the same for me. How do we fix this? I honestly couldn’t tell you. Maybe we should just stop thinking about each other and just be together and see what happens from there.

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