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2017-2018 Student Government Association Results

The SGA elections are finished and the votes have been counted. Meet your new Student Government Association for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Executive President: Eric Cote

Photo provided by Eric Cote ’18

Executive Vice President: Jessie Wang

Photo provided by Jessie Wang ’19

Commuter Representative: Michael Hogarty ’19

Resident Representative: Kai Uehara

Photo provided by Kai Uehara ’20

Class of 2018 President: John Sisinni

Photo provided by John Sisinni ’18

Class of 2018 Vice President: Tess Mitchell

Photo provided by Tess Mitchell ’18

Class of 2018 Secretary: To be elected.

Class of 2018 Treasurer: To be elected.

Class of 2019 President: Abby McGovern

Photo provided by Abby McGovern ’19

Class of 2019 Vice President: Edward Bennie

Photo provided by Edward Bennie ’19

Class of 2019 Secretary: Bridget Vasques

Class of 2019 Treasurer: Alexx Simpson

Photo provided by Alexx Simpson ’19

Class of 2020 President: Liam Arteaga

Photo provided by Liam Arteaga ’20

Class of 2020 Vice President: Parker West

Photo provided by Parker West ’20

Class of 2020 Secretary: Abby Snow

Photo provided by Abby Snow ’20

Class of 2020 Treasurer: Jackie Schneider

Photo provided by Jackie Schneider ’20

Sabrina Tessitore ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter @Sabrina_Tess.

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