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Julie Hall: A Year in Review

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a time of blaring air horns and towering cranes, but also a time of remarkable progress and suite-style anticipation. In other words, it was the premier year of construction for Emmanuel’s new Julie Hall.

Emmanuel unveiled plans for the 18-story, 690-bed Julie Hall in the fall of 2015, and construction began the following summer.

This massive construction project is part of a larger call-to-action for college campuses. Mayor Marty Walsh encouraged Boston colleges to build new on-campus housing in order to get students out of off-campus housing. Emmanuel’s new residence hall will allow for 84 percent of students to live on campus instead of the current 73 percent. They plan to target upperclassmen who live in satellite locations CityView and Trilogy.

The new Julie Hall, in all its graphic design glory.

Sr. Anne Donovan, Vice President of Finance/Treasurer, considered the construction progress “extraordinary” for the 2016-17 year.

In the fall, the construction crew did fall a month behind due to procedural issues with the city. However, the issues were straightened out, and the crew recovered their lost time. Donovan added that winter weather did not cause any issues from a construction standpoint. In fact, Julie Hall is now a week ahead of schedule, which is reassuring news for a project that “can’t afford to be behind,” said Donovan.

Currently, the crew is pouring the seventh floor, and the elevator shaft is very close to completion.

Through the end of the semester and into the summer, the crew will continue to pour each floor section-by-section. Once the concrete is in place, the crew will begin to fill in the frame with bricks and windows in the fall. After the walls of the building are up, they will begin work on electrical, plumbing, and finishes.

Emmanuel students have plenty of mixed emotions about the road to the new residence hall.

Regan Blanchard ’19, current St. Joseph’s Hall resident, plans to live in Julie Hall during her senior year.

Blanchard confirmed that the construction has been frustrating to live with, particularly due to the noise. She sympathized especially for students in Joe’s whose rooms face St. Ann’s Hall, as they receive the brunt of the construction noise.

Although progress has been rowdy, Blanchard admitted that living in the new Julie Hall will be well worth the frustration. She is looking forward to the luxury of such a large and upgraded dorm on campus. Blanchard is especially looking forward to the impressive views of Boston that Julie Hall will offer.

Blanchard is excited for things to return back to normal on Emmanuel’s campus, a sentiment most of the student body can relate to. Still, she agreed that the progress on Julie Hall has been remarkable, and that it’s been truly exciting to watch the building really begin to take shape.

Emery Veilleux ’20 is the Assistant Managing Editor and a Staff Writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at and on Twitter.

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