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Letter from the Editor(s): Saying Goodbye

NoteThis is a two part letter. The first is from the outgoing Editor in Chief and the second is from the incoming.

Photo credit: Victoria Clendaniel ’19

So this is how my mum must have felt when I went off to college.

I have often referred to The Hub as my “baby” and now, after two years as Editor-in-Chief, I am trusting someone else to take care of it. I don’t even know how to begin writing this goodbye. People often ask how much time I put into The Hub and it’s something along the lines of a part time job. Paid in experience of course.

I’m sitting at my internship one Friday and it’s snowing. It’s the last day in March and I’m trying to remember how I got here. To this desk. In this office. Really, it all started my first year at Emmanuel at my first ever Hub meeting. We were in the basement of St. Joe’s and, mind you, this was pre-renovation. Sad, ripped leather couches and a handful of chairs around a folding table. This was where I found my people.

For the past four years I have watched The Hub grow into the publication it is today. I am proud to say I was a part of molding The Hub into the news source you see before you. Over my tenure, we have often considered how to best serve the student body. We ask you to fill out reader surveys to give us feedback on how we’re doing. We listened to your tips about what you thought we should cover and worked hard to investigate them.

When I first began writing for The Hub, it felt almost impossible to get admin to comment on anything, or at least give a straight answer about something. We were accused of being one-sided and “having an agenda,” which never sat well with me. In my eyes, if we did have an ‘agenda’ it was only to keep the student body informed. When I became Editor-in-Chief, I made it my mission to dispel any false ideas about what The Hub stood for.

Today, we have created an Advisory Board to The Hub, which we hope will help bridge the gap between the student body and the administration and allow us to keep you as informed as possible. This board will also provide journalistic guidance to our new Editorial Board and our writers. No longer will we not know who our adviser is.

People have often referred to me as “The Hub.” When I go to parties, it’s a topic of conversation that usually comes up. The Hub has become such an integral part of who I am as a person that I’ve had a hard time imaging myself without it. I’ve been so impressed with how our writers have grown over the past year and I’m confident in their ability to take the helm.

I will always worry about how The Hub is doing, that much I know. But, going into my final days at Emmanuel College, I know my baby is in good hands.


Abigail Matheson ’17

Editor in Chief Emeritus

This past year has taken me where I never really imagined myself going. Looking back at my first semester at Emmanuel in comparison to now feels pretty surreal. It’s only been three years, but I don’t really recognize that 18-year-old that didn’t know what to do or where to go.

I initially struggled finding my niche on campus, and actually considered dropping out come the end of my first finals week. I even applied and was accepted as a transfer to Emerson College in December of my sophomore year. Luckily (in the grand scheme of things), my rushed application process led me to forget about the scholarship application I was supposed to fill out.

Not being able to afford the price tag that goes with the other EC, I accepted the fact that this EC was something I would have to make the best of. I rearranged my four year plan in a way that would allow myself to graduate a semester early. I just wanted to get through this and move on to something else.

At the start of my junior year, I moved off campus and realized that if I wanted to stay connected in some way to what was going on, I would need to finally join something. I’ve always held journalism close to my heart, and figured The Hub would be the place for me to test my dream out. I joined as a sports writer having never stepped foot at a single EC game in my time here.

From covering the women’s soccer team to the court renaming to a student event for the Red Sox, I sit here after just hosting my first event as EIC-Elect genuinely proud of how far I’ve come since my first year as a terrified freshman, not knowing if I actually made the right decision to come here.

The thing that I’ve come to learn in this past year is probably going to make you gag from the sap exuding from your screen, but here it is: It was never about finding myself or searching for all of these answers in the first place. That’s right, self, the struggle you put yourself through was actually self-inflicted.

It might have taken me awhile to join The Hub and purposefully put myself in situations where I know my comfort zone can’t come with me, but I’m grateful for every second of the journey that’s led me here. I’m grateful that I stayed at Emmanuel which led me to meet Abbi Matheson, Heather Alterisio, and the entire Hub staff. They’ve shown me that there truly is a place for everyone.

While the idea of taking over The Hub still scares me, I know that just like everything else I’ve done here so far, I’ll make the best of it. I can’t wait for the new executive board and I to continue the legacy Abbi and Heather are leaving behind, and hopefully make them proud in the process. Here it goes.

Merisa Boyd ’18

Editor in Chief

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