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Alissa Lynch Runs the Boston Marathon for Boston Children’s Hospital

Credit: Boston Children’s Hospital Marathon Team

The Boston Marathon is without a doubt, a very special event to those in and out of the city. Whether running or spectating, it is an event of overcoming odds in inspiring fashion. For Emmanuel College, students and staff got to witness Assistant Director and Residence Director, Alissa Lynch, overcome her own.

“I’ve always been really goal oriented person and about four years ago I got really into health and fitness and I have already been a regimented person so changing my lifestyle was more carving out time than anything” Lynch told us.

What not many people know is Lynch is a type 1 diabetic, meaning the body cannot make sufficient insulin which maintains normal blood sugar levels. This is an issue for millions of Americans and especially for a marathon runner, and after completing the full 26.2 miles, her accomplishment was far from trivial.

“That was definitely a concern of mine, staying healthy through this whole thing, taking care of my blood sugar as well. So that definitely made me a little hesitant,” said Lynch. “Another thing I was hesitant about was this is the biggest physical challenge I’ve ever put myself through.”

Considering Marathon Monday was one of the warmest days in April for Boston’s history, many runners, including Alissa, struggled with heat upwards of 70 degrees.

“It was a million degrees warmer than I anticipated. Three or four weeks before I did a 21 mile run and it was amazing. It was 40 degrees, overcast, a little misty, and it was perfect” she said of the challenging conditions of the race. “The first half went really well, and the second half was a lot more hard, since I’ve only done half marathons before.”

Despite her challenges, she knew students and staff were there to encourage her throughout.

“Emmanuel has been nothing but supportive for me from literally my first day in. And what especially was most amazing for me was how many people from Emmanuel came to cheer me on. So I ran for Boston Children’s Hospital, and the amount of support I got from students and from staff, financially also, was amazing,” Lynch stated.

Knowing she wouldn’t be a qualifying runner, Lynch ran to support Boston Children’s Hospital with donations ranging from friends, family, and staff.

“I was a patient of Boston Children’s Hospital from 13-18 and I saw firsthand the amazing support from doctors, nurses, and staff gave to me and that they also gave to my parents. I got so much from them, I thought this would be a great way for me to give back.”

Lynch intends on doing more runs, such as the Boston Marathon, so feel free to contact her at for more about her run or her connection to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Devin Nelson is a staff writer for The Hub. He can be contacted at or on Twitter @nellydevin.

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