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Anna Hebner ’21 Announced as the Executive Representative of Diversity and Inclusion

Last week the SGA named Anna Hebner ’21 as the new Executive Representative of Diversity and Inclusion.

Originally from Walpole, MA, Hebner was part of a few political groups, theater and an organization called Little People of America (LPA). LPA is a national organization that educates and helps those with different forms of dwarfism.

In terms of her new position, it gives her a vote in any decision that Emmanuel’s Senate makes. She also works alongside the Center of Diversity and Inclusion and Multicultural programs, to ensure that Emmanuel’s community is more inclusive.

While discussing her goals for this new position, Hebner said that she hopes to make Emmanuel more accepting. She thinks that minority groups, such as POC and disabled people can conclude that thinking they are the only one is difficult.

“So I think that making Emmanuel a little more diverse place will really help empower marginalized people, so they don’t feel like they’re left out,” she stated.

While this is an honor for Hebner, she noted the importance of Emmanuel creating such a role on the SGA. She said she believes that by creating this position it shows that her school cares about the diverse issues that concern their students.

Photo credit: Anna Hebner ’21

Hebner said the most difficult part of this position will be including everybody’s voices, because the voices of minorities are not just one group of people and will vary.

“There a lot of voices that need to be heard in one position. So, I think that would be difficult” said Hebner. “But to make that work you just got to really hear out everybody’s wants and needs from school. So you just got to be vocal and listen to people”

Overall, Hebner owed her thanks to her fellow peers.

“I’m very grateful and honored that Emmanuel students voted for me. It’s very nice and very surprising,” she stated.

Hugmaelle Jean ’20 is a staff writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at

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