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The Recruitment Process for Orientation Leaders Has Begun

Julie Royce ’19 has spent her last two summers as an orientation leader (OL) and is one of the administrative orientation leaders this year. The recruitment process is just beginning to welcome the class of 2022, and she highlighted her favorite moments as an OL as well as the things she is looking for in future applicants.

“I came into college and I was so shy, so awkward and I didn’t know how to do anything. It kind of changed my perspective and I kind of found my little place at Emmanuel,” Royce stated of her experience as an OL. “I’ve met some awesome people through it which was really helpful for me. Obviously that’s a huge reason why I think people should do it because it can help you grow in ways you didn’t know you needed to grow in.”

Photo provided by Julie Royce ’19.

Anyone interested in applying to be an OL is required to attend an upcoming information session which are held on October 17 at 12:30pm (Marian 226) and 7:30pm (Admin 155), October 18 at 3pm (Marian 226) and 7:30pm (Marian 226), October 19 at 12:15pm (Admin 155) and 8:15pm (Admin 155) and October 20 at 12:30pm (Admin 155) and 3pm (Admin 155). Applications are due October 24 at 4 p.m.

Seeing her students again for the first time after the summer as well as seeing her students apply to be orientation leaders themselves later in the year are some of the most rewarding moments for Royce. She noted some of the things she’ll be looking for from students during the interview process.

“Someone who wants to be there. Someone who really wants to be an OL, and thinks that’s what they should do. It’s something that they just really, really want. The people who are enthusiastic about it are the people I’m really looking at,” she stated. “And anyone who has room to grow. I think growth is a huge part of it. People who have the room and think they can grow from there and are willing to do that are definitely people I’m looking for.”

Photo provided by Julie Royce ’19.

Royce went on to discuss some of her favorite moments during the sessions that she hopes other potential applicants are looking forward to.

“During your sessions, they’re really long days and you go from info session to info session to an activity, but there’s these in between times and these lunch times where you are just allowed to do whatever you want and you have the freedom to do whatever you want and you just get to hangout with all the students, meet people and find out who the incoming class are and give them advice, just talk to them and learn about their lives and that’s so fun. You just get to hangout and be social and learn about people and learn about yourself in that process,” she said.

When it comes down to nailing an interview with the administrative orientation leaders, Royce has a simple piece of advice.

“Just be yourself…If you be yourself, you can’t go wrong,” she stated.

Merisa Boyd ’18 is the Editor-in-Chief of The Hub. She can be contacted at or on Twitter @merisafaith

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