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Irish Club Hosts Trivia Night and is Gearing Up For Hurling Tournament at Fenway

Photo provided by the Irish Club.

On October 24, the Irish Club host their first on-campus event of the semester in Avenue Commons. During this, students were presented with a slideshow of multiple choice questions and had to pick the best answer for each of the six categories.

The three contestants with the most correct answers each won their own $25 gift card. With 22 out of 30 correct answers, Samantha Dwyer ’19 won first place with Carissa Owens ’19 placing second and Amanda Perez ’19 in third.

Although the three winners didn’t know all of the answers, they had already known certain facts about Irish culture.

“I learned some from family and Irish friends.” Dwyer stated.

Second and third place winners, Owens and Perez both learned certain aspects of Ireland’s history through their time in the country as well as the Irish Identity: Literature and Culture class that they take together.

While the winners had known about some facts beforehand, the Irish Trivia Night had taught the contestants new things about Gaelic phrases and Irish culture.

Photo provided by the Irish Club.

“Our purpose of the Irish Club is to teach and celebrate Irish culture through music, dance, and events,” President of the Irish Club, Meghan Larkin ’20, stated.

The Irish Club will continue to celebrate and spread awareness of Irish culture on November 2 and November 6 by selling tickets to the Irish Festival and Hurling Tournament held at Fenway Park at the Jean Yawkey Center.

For questions about these and upcoming events, Larkin can be contacted at The Irish Club can also be found on Twitter @ec_irishclub.

Ave Johnhope ’20 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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