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Disney Club and ECPT Host Disney Night

Disney Club and Emmanuel College Programming Team (ECPT) co-sponsored Disney Night last Friday in the JYC.

All different Disney themed tablecloths, such as Mickey Mouse and Cars, covered the tables. The event consisted of several different stations where students could make crafts ranging from spray art to keychains and bracelets, all Disney themed.

Disney pic 1

Photo by Mairead Scanlon ’19.

ECPT is a group which includes the Programming Board, Make Weekends Count, and Basement After Dark program teams. ECPT provided ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, and candy.

Event Coordinator of Make Weekends Count,  Julia Becker ‘19, explained how Disney Club and ECPT worked together to put the event on.

“We were trying to think of an event to do this weekend since most of the Programming Board is at NACA this weekend, which is the leadership conference in Connecticut. So we were trying to think of an event we could do with others. We do an event almost every weekend and we didn’t want to skip a weekend just because there is only two of us here,” said Becker. “Disney club reached out to us previously about doing an event, so we were like ‘oh, this Friday works perfect’ because you guys have volunteers too.”


Photo by Mairead Scanlon ’19.

Many Emmanuel students shared their favorite Disney movies, rides, and memories on Friday night. Disney Club President, Riley Breen ‘20, described the atmosphere of Disney Club and why Disney is meaningful to her .

“Disney club is a place where you can come and just forget that you’re in college for a night. It’s time when you can just be a kid again,” said Breen. “Disney is important to me because it’s the family vacation that I’ve always had. I actually took my first steps in Disney World. I have been there ever since I was a child. I’ve actually noticed through a lot of people who come to the Disney Club we have all had the same experiences making memories and everything.”


Photo by Mairead Scanlon ’19

Disney Club Vice President, Jill Fino ‘20, discussed what motivated her to join Disney Club and what meetings often consist of.

“I love Disney so much. My family goes to Disney World a lot. I’ve grown up on the movies,” said Fino. “Disney Club is a lot of fun. Everybody should join. We do a lot of crafts like the ones that are shown here tonight. Sometimes we do snacks. We decorated cookies one night and do fun stuff like that.”

Anyone interested in joining Disney Club should attend the next meeting on November 15 in Admin 355 at 7 p.m.

Mairead Scanlon ’19 is a Staff Writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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