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Sister for Sister: The Blossoming of Campus Womanhood, Individuality, and Discussion

Sister for Sister Secretary and co-founder, Tatiana Havens ’19, answered some of The Hub’s questions about her club, which is now in its second year as an Emmanuel organization. She spoke about Sister for Sister’s promotion of womanhood, individuality, and open discussions.

Photo Credit: Sister for Sister
Sister for Sister executive board and advisor, Dr. Kimberly Smirles, after a general members meeting.

Planting the Seed

Alongside Havens, Sister for Sister co-founders Claribel Serrano-Disla ’18, Julie Royce ’19 served as Emmanuel College orientation leaders during the summer of 2016. Many of the incoming students expressed concerns that they also shared. The three students began collaborating on how to address these common issues.

“We truly wanted to create a safe space for all people, especially women, to have open discussion about various different topics,” Havens said. “For example, discussing menstruation stereotypes and stigma as well as healthy relationship building. We also wanted to create a space filled with self-love and care to just celebrate everyone’s individuality on this campus.”

Together the students formed a club for such a space called “Sister for Sister.”  It officially took a place on campus in October 2016.

Nurturing Positivity and Discussion

Since Sister for Sister’s start, the club has held a Beyoncé Lemonade Stand fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and an end to Domestic Violence White Ribbon Campaign. The group also sends out a Motivational Monday email highlighting different events on campus that align with its mission. The club members pride themselves in inclusivity.

“We are open to all view points, all genders, and every possible perspective that anyone is willing to offer,” Havens said. “We are an incredibly inclusive group, and we hope for a room full of diverse viewpoints. The best way to learn and have a greater empathetic understanding is by listening to as many perspectives as possible.”

Photo Credit: Sister for Sister
“Beyonce Lemonade Stand” Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

In Full Bloom

The club received “Organization of the Year” honors at the Emmanuel College Student Leadership Awards last spring and has grown to include 175 members from its original 3.

It is open for new members to join. This includes men, women, and College of the Fenway students.

Sister for Sister’s advice to female students is to be exploratory.

“Don’t be afraid to be sexually fluid, or to explore different viewpoints outside of those you’ve already been exposed to. Challenge yourself in all healthy ways, and take pride in your success. You can be both humble and proud, and never down play your ability to be amazing,” they said.

Looking Ahead

Sister for Sister is holding a “How to Deal with the Holigays” event lead by Sarah Knight, the group’s Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, co-sponsored by START and OUTspoken. The discussion will explore what it means to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community during the holiday season, as well as how intersecting relationships in regards to family and friends influence one’s identity within the LGBTQ+ community. The event takes place on November 28 at 7:15 p.m.

Those seeking to co-sponsor an event with the club can contact Tatiana Havens at Contact PR representative Alanna Saunders ’19 to be added to the weekly email list at

Haley Biermann ’19 is the Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief Elect of The Hub. She can be contacted at

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