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“21” A Poem by Marcie Paez ’18

Tonight, my roommate said to me,

“I wish you’d put the bottle down.”

I wish I could. I wish I could drown what you made me feel today. Feeling hopeful to distraught.

You looked handsome.

So, handsome.

Admitting that I undressed you with my eyes as we exchanged friendly chatter.

You don’t know that I know you’re going out.

But I know you know that you promised me we’d try again.

What changed?

I’ve become obsessed with numbing the reality of you with another physical or mental object.

I listen to music, I pray, I read, I talk and talk and talk, I mediate, and now I write and drink.

I’m becoming a cliché poet when my goal was to become an archivist and own a corgi with you.

I don’t like to hold things against you.

You are too kind and smart and beautiful for that.

But I want to tell you I forgive but never forget.

Unless it’s with the bottle.

I always forget when I don’t put down the bottle.

And maybe deep down, I am hoping to undress you in real life again.

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