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“The D Line” A Poem by Shumon Jenkins ’18


$2.25 is the cost of a life.

It sits in my pocket, next to my hands.

Frozen air escapes my lungs as I go under the city streets.

Walking with zombies carrying dreams.  

Using the underground maze, we travel back to back.

Following daily routines and shifting schedules.


We ride green mechanical worm machines.

Through man-made caves that stop only to feed on more of us.

Anger sits on their face since there’s no open seats.

Shouldertoshoulder, yet we never meet, only listen.

Blasting an escape into our ears.

Babies ROARING in anger.

Strangers yelling at themselves,

or the awkward silence of others.


Zombies salivate as they arrive to their destination.

They clog exits and entrances.

Impatience drives them out and forces new ones in.

Pushing and shoving,  just to be surrounded with smells that come from zombies.


As they dwell in these caves,

they wait to see if everyone is looking,

and become alive.

Laughter sneaks out of there mouth,

covered quickly with a cough.

A smile cracks from their lips,

they try to lick it off.  

Happiness is read across their face,

but they wipe it off with their hands.

Joy takes control of their bodies,

yet it’s squeezed out by the pressure of standing out.

Accidentally showing a little bit of their dreams.

And from it, I learned the only way to know someone else is to never meet them.

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