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“What’s with the name change?”: Dunkin’s Advertising Manager on the New DD

On Tuesday November 28th, Emmanuel students gathered in the Fenway Room to hear from Advertising Manager Casey Brown about the new changes coming to Dunkin’ Donuts.  The popular and classic coffee brand recently announced that it is time for some changes. One of these changes includes the company name.

Dunkin’ Donuts executives decided to move towards a more modern and youthful take on their brand by shortening the name to Dunkin’.  Stores have been replacing their signs at select locations throughout the country. Boston saw the name change in November at a store location on Tremont St.

Photo by Catherine Hayes ’21

With the increase in media usage and its effect on young adults today, Dunkin Dounts is looking to create a more relatable and upbeat persona for its consumers. Many changes occurred for the remodeling of the brand.  DD began to advertise their new look this past summer.

During the summer of 2017, DD paired with popular apps such as Snapchat and Instagram.  The company created some eye-catching advertisements within the apps.  DD saw an increase in sales in their target market of 18-35 year-olds after using fun posts and creative summer themed filters on Snapchat.

DD also saw success with their first ever music video, which deemed a DD iced coffee as the perfect solution to stress.

Due to the increase in summer sales with their new advertisement pitches, creative directors immediately began work on how to further improve these rates into the end of the year. Halloween provided DD directors with an opportunity for creativity and idea flow.

During October, DD officials pushed for more app and social media marketing.  DD succeeded in an increase in sales by promoting a Halloween game on Snapchat.

DD marketers also used Halloween themes and names to their advantage. Consumers reacted positively to names such as Boston Scream Donut and Scary Strawberry.  The company also sponsored events in which customers could bring their dogs dressed in costumes.

DD wants to connect to a new and younger audience with this style upgrade. The company hopes the new generation will come into the DD work force and help modernize the classic brand.

An Emmanuel student asked Brown what opportunities might be available for college graduates.

“What we hope for at Dunkin’ is to work towards a modern future,” Brown said. “There are many different internships and volunteer opportunities available to all college students in the Dunkin’ headquarters. What we hope for is that these college students will be able to help us step up to the new platform laid before us and allow for us to make Dunkin’ truly shareable with all people.”

Brown is optimistic about the company’s future employment.

“Whether it be in communications or bakery, we know that your creative ideas will help to make Dunkin’ a more modern and relatable place for all people today,” Brown stated.

Catherine Hayes ’21 is a staff writer for The Hub. She can be contacted at

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