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Letter from the Editor(s): Graduating Early

Photo by Katie Gaffney ’18.

NoteThis is a two part letter. The first is from the outgoing Editor in Chief and the second is from the incoming.

My time as EIC was short, but this has been the best experience I could have asked for. While I’ll always be a little annoyed at myself for not joining sooner, The Hub has taught me so much from my very first meeting to my very last and going from a sports writer to editor has definitely been a whirlwind, but it’s something that I believe needed to happen for myself.

It taught me that there are bigger things in the world (and campus) that are going on beyond what sports teams are doing. While they do some pretty awesome things, I’ve been so amazed at the coverage we’ve done on clubs and organizations that are so passionate about social justice, bringing different perspectives forward, and empowering one another both at EC and in the community. I don’t care if it sounds cheesy but the people at this school are going to do so many great things for our world and I can’t wait to read (or even write) all about them.

This semester I started interning for the Boston Blades of the CWHL and I’ll be ending the semester as their Media Relations Manager. To say the things this job entails is anything less than exactly what I’ve always wanted to do would be a drastic understatement and I truly do owe so much of it to The Hub. Had this experience not been on my resume, I don’t think I would have been ready to handle the internship, never mind a management position.

My point to all of this is now that I’ll have a degree, I feel I am old enough to give you all some advice that I wish I heard when I started college: if there is something that you’re passionate about or something you’re curious to know if you’d be any good at, there’s probably a place on campus for it and if there isn’t, you can create one.

I was so scared to try new things for fear of feeling uncomfortable doing them. Turns out it was doing that thing that I was nervous to try is where I found happiness within myself. That’s when I felt most accomplished, when I looked back at how far I’ve come in such a short time and how much it means to who I was in high school and even for who I was last year.

While graduating a semester early was something that my sophomore self conjured up as a way to get out of undergrad as soon as possible, I am genuinely going to miss Emmanuel and this part of my life so much.

I couldn’t be more grateful to have been able to work with each and every writer of The Hub. Nothing made me happier than seeing how far they have all come in just one semester, and I’m incredibly excited to see where Haley, Devin, Emma, Shumon, Emery and all of the staff writers take it. I know I’m leaving it in good hands. It’s been a ride EC, but it’s not one I would change or give up for anything.


Merisa Boyd ’18

Editor in Chief Emeritus

Going into freshman year, I knew that I had to join something.  I wanted a quick way to make friends, something to put energy into besides school work, and a go-to topic to talk about when my grandmother or aunt or neighbor asked me about what I was up to at school.

Sports were out, as my athletic abilities were (and still are) a danger to myself and others. The only thing I knew I was decent at was writing. When I saw in bold print on a banner in the JYC, “We need writers,” I took that as a not so subtle sign that The Hub was a good place for me to start.

What I did not know was how big of a part this school publication would grow to become in my life at Emmanuel.  I can say without a doubt that The Hub and its talented members have taught me skills and life-lessons I hope to carry with me far beyond my college experience, and into my prospective field as a professional journalist.

I’m not saying my debut as a staff writer was seamless. My lack of aggression was not well-suited for the very special skill of harping on students and faculty to answer interview inquires. My hand suffered cramps as I scribbled down key speeches at numerous campus events and discussions before another writer kindly pointed out that a recording device was an option. The comment under one of my early profile articles that my piece about an Emmanuel marathon runner was awesome but that I had misspelled the student’s name still haunts my perfectionist-oriented mind.

Although it took time and more than a few errors, I did improve as a writer.  I could write in AP style without checking the handbook after every sentence.  I could clearly and concisely convey a story about a Black Student Union discussion on adversity, or recap the basketball team’s victory.  But most importantly, I also had a shift in attitude regarding what it meant to me to write for my school’s news source.

My perspective on journalism changed immensely as terms like “fake news,” “biased,” and “untrustworthy” floated around the media. These terms were directed at both major and minor professional news outlets. If publications like The New York Times were deemed biased and untrustworthy by some of our highest officials, what was to stop anyone from saying the same about a campus newspaper?

That writer was too liberal in her presentation of the event. He only wrote that because he thinks the lacrosse team is a bunch of knuckleheads. They never cover this club because they don’t agree with its mission. These were some of the phrases that danced in my mind. I wanted to write for a news source that the EC community could always count on for factual information.

It is of extreme importance to me and the rest of The Hub staff to communicate effectively with students and faculty. It is my primary goal to not only publish this campus’ many stories in a timely manner, but to present them in a straight, objective form.

From the campus’ smallest events, to those as hopping as EC marathon, to topics as serious as social equality on campus, The Hub will strive to share with you Emmanuel’s stories.  Nothing more, and nothing less.


Haley Biermann ’19

Editor in Chief

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