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Mediterranean at the Fenway: The Consul General of Turkey visits Boston


Photo by Catherine Hayes ’21

Emmanuel students gathered in the Library Lecture Hall on Wednesday February 7 to hear from a special guest. Consul General Budac of Turkey visited Emmanuel students as a guest of Political Science Professor Lenore Martin. The Consul General spoke to students about his home country and its global status as of recently.

How is Turkey helping? 

The Consul General opened his discussion by talking about Turkey itself. The world is a changing place and Turkey has had to adjust to these global changes along with everyone else. Turkey is doing everything it can within its power to try and help change the complex issues that are affecting the world today, according to Budac.

Different issues such as gender inequality and lack of education are two problems that the Consul General emphasized.

Turkey has sought for solutions among its foreign relations. In 2005, Turkey and Spain began to work together to resolve the lack of education. The Consul General then further elaborated on other successes and relations that Turkey has had with several other nations.

Turkey has had a strong alliance with Greece since 1952. Turkey also had strong diplomatic relations with 226 other countries and nations in the past. Turkey had a profit trade of $60 billion in 2016, and has had a hand in helping to stop the terrorist group, ISIS, according to Budac.


Photo by Catherine Hayes ’21

Budac said thousands of ISIS members are killed or captured everyday. A student asked the Consul General why Turkey had such an interest in helping eradicate ISIS.

“ISIS and their associates are a global threat.” He answered. “When they attack one country, they attack multiple. We are all united together. We must remain united if we are to stop this threat from hurting our people. Our relations with other great nations of this world help us to stop these threats from continuing. We must look to the future and decide how we will leave the world for our future generations.”

A Global Future

The Consul General continued the discussion with the ever-changing status of the world. He pointed to the increase in technology and science and their global impact. He said that while these new technologies can be useful in helping to improve our relations within the world, they can also create a negative impact.

He advocated for the good of the future and how students should look to technology with true thought.

He also described that the wealth of the people that comes from success in science and technology should be used for the good of the future. The Consul General reiterated that the impacts on one country will affect all countries.

To close, a student asked the Consul General what he believed would be a positive in such entangled relations between Turkey and other countries, such as the United States.

“Every country had its strengths and weaknesses.” He answered. “What one country thrives in, another may lack. In order for the world to become and good and thriving world, there must be cooperation from all sides. For all of us to work together can create a lasting effect on all that can only work towards a better future.”

Catherine Hayes is a Staff Writer for the Hub. She can be contacted at 

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