Dirty John season 3: Synopsis and Analysis


The show ran on Bravo in its first season before switching to the USA for its second. It is based on the actual name. For its first season, the show was nominated for a Golden Globe for its portrayal of the romance between con artist John Meehan and actress Debra Newell, thus earning its name.

Betty Broderick’s wife Linda was the subject of the second season. Netflix subscribers who found the season online have been enthralled by the show, which spans until her controversial conviction in 1991.

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It’s too bad that USA Network hasn’t picked up the show for a third season yet. However, Netflix users seem to enjoy the show might lead the network to begin production on Dirty John season 3.

The release date for season 3 of Dirty John

Season 3 has yet to be announced by the USA, and anyone’s guesses the program will continue at this time. The previous episode was about a year ago, and no news has been made about the next one.

Depending on whether or not the program is extended for a third season, Dirty John season 3 might air as a midseason respite for fans.

When will Netflix release the third season of Dirty John?

Dirty John’s first season concluded on Bravo on January 13, 2019, and it was made available for those who missed it. The second season, which aired from July 14 to August 2, 2019, has only recently been made available on Netflix.

Based on past dates, Netflix may run after the cable network has aired the season finale.

The cast of Dirty John

Dirty John season 3’s cast has yet to be announced, and as each episode has focused on a new tale set in a different historical period, it’s doubtful that any previous cast members will return.

In addition, Julia Garner already signed on for future seasons of the program, and it will be intriguing to see who else could join the cast in the future.

Synopsis of season 3 of Dirty John 

The third season of Dirty John has yet to get any official storyline details. A new murder mystery arose from the show, beyond the podcast.

However, there are a few suggestions. Last July, showrunner Alexandra Cunningham talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the possibility of turning the show’s third season into a more family-oriented one.

“Family relationships are the pinnacle of love gone wrong in my opinion. I believe that, especially when it comes to parental love, there’s where it all begins to go wrong. If given the chance, that’s something I’d want to investigate.

Trailer for Dirty John 3rd season

There is no season 3 trailer for Dirty John since there is nothing to promote; fans should not anticipate one either. Any new trailers will be released closer to the new season’s premiere date if the program gets renewed.