Explanations for the Ending in All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead
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Netflix has a list just a few months following Squid Game. Taking place in a suburbia high school that becomes the epicentre of a deadly epidemic, the fast-paced All of Us Are Dead is back. Following a group of college students forced to fend for themselves after an epidemic, this new series follows South Korean bestsellers such as Kingdom.

In All of Us Are Dead, it is made evident that pupils will be able to leave Hyosan. The program had plenty of opportunities to sacrifice our favourite characters because of the large ensemble, which included the parents of the pupils and other people of the community. Season 1 wraps off with a look at the zombie apocalypse survivors. 

Hyosan was bombed, but the pupils made it out unscathed.

After the last of the kids trapped at Hyosan High managed to escape the bombing thanks to Cheong-sacrifice, san’s finale starts on Hyosan. The three of them return to the ruins to search for Cheong’san, and on the way, Nam-ra gives On-jo a comforting hug as they remember their lost comrade.

The children will then have to walk to the quarantine area. Finding ribbons strung to some trees helps them locate their way through the forest after they are lost for a while. On-jo sees her father’s flashlight at the foot of a tree and learns that he has indicated the safe zone’s path. Even after dying in the blast, her father is still there to assist her out. (Brb and On-jo are both in tears.)

When zombies attack Wu-jin, his brother, Ha-ri, is killed.

Once they’ve climbed the mountain, the gang will have to make their way via Yangdong, a nearby city. There is still some undead about, despite the blasts. Zombies attack the youngsters as they make their way through the smokey town. Wu-jin, Archer Ha-brother, RI’s is bitten when defending themselves from the onslaught.

Nam-ra is crimson since she fought off the other zombies with her undead might. After Wu-transformation, jin’s Nam-ra kills him in front of their sister, revealing a zombie more than a person. On-jo almost gets bitten by her as well as it becomes more difficult for her to control her want to bite humans. As a result, she flees away from her pals to protect them from harm.

In the quarantine camp, the troop arrives.

Students On-jo, Suhyeok, Hae Ri, Mi-Jin, and Da Su make it unharmed. As a result of losing loved ones, they each have a unique grieving method. So when Mi-jin and Su-hye inquire why, Mi-jin laments about college. After being abandoned by the military, On-jo vows to never again rely on them for anything.

 Hyosan inhabitants remain in isolation for months after the military lifts martial law. She’s been slipping out of the camp to visit her monument on a mountain tree, which includes the names of her deceased pals. While she’s there, she discovers that the school’s roof is on fire.