Following an unexpected twist, the first houseguest of Celebrity Big Brother’s season 3 was booted from the competition.

Celebrity Big Brother's season 3
image source - gizmostory

On Friday, the first week came to an end, and one house guest was voted out of the competition. Teddi Mellencamp, a former cast member was the first to leave the Celeb Big Brother house following a dramatic episode. Here’s a rundown of what happened.

It all began with a $250k prizefight between 11 renowned faces. Miesha Tate, the former UFC champion, was crowned and was tasked with choosing who would be the next victim. 

Cynthia Bailey, a former cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, triumphed in the challenge and was rescued from the ax. A Schedule Snafu game had the houseguests compete to see who could finish the challenge the fastest.

A timing of 3:54 seconds saw Carson win the Power of Veto, with Miesha in second. She immediately understood that the ex-Queer. Miesha was left with no choice but to put another famous face on the line as Carson stepped in to save the day. In the end, she went with Teddi, who was obviously unhappy at being duped by the UFC champion. However, the stakes in this game are always shifting. Teddi will be my new nominee, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience.”

Things rapidly changed, however, when Moonves had “gone out of style” and was now known as Nom Now at the elimination ceremony. The final recipient of the hat will take Mirai’s or Teddi’s place.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly with show writers, they stated: “John B’s relationship with his father is a significant topic. John B will have to reconcile his idealized vision of his deceased father when they meet again.

Todd Bridges, a member of the rock band Diff’rent Strokes, was the new houseguest facing the eviction process. The actor made the decision to save Mirai’s life. Toss-up was with the stars voting on who to keep and who to send packing. Teddi was evicted by a five-to-three margin.

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