The latest Amazon Super Bowl announcement contains a spooky Alexa


An intelligent house belongs to Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson. Amazon Super Bowl LVI Announces Showcases Real Life Celebrity Couple Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost. Imagine that an Alexa who reads minds could destroy their connection by exposing un-screened beliefs.  

The advertisement begins at their house with Jost contacting Johansson to verify a great, trendy home control for the great game. 

“Alexa is the day of the match,” said Jost with confidence: and the home assistant turns on the television with soccer playing on Amazon’s Prime video service, shut up those blinds, and, to their amazement, more precisely cools the bottles of rose in an innovative wine cooler. “It’s like she can see into your thoughts,” they say together. 

This latest measure of cooling the bottles is based on an actual functional of Alexa called Hunches. Amazon gathers information from your smart home anticipate and recommend actions to be taken: like switching off the lights in your bedroom when you’re creating a scene in the lounge. Intuitive functions are activated by default. 

The commercial then delivers a brief montage of brazen matrimony idiosyncrasies: Johansson wakes up at Jost’s side in the bed, and Alexa abruptly says that he commands a mouthwash, disclosing that Jost is thinking of Johansson’s bad breath. In another instance, Alexa interprets Fleetwood Mac’s Little Lies, whereas Johansson comforts Jost that she doesn’t appreciate romantic scenes. 

It’s the seventh year that Amazon’s voice assistant has publicized the big game, and Jeff Bezos, President of Amazon, is proud to share the announcement on Twitter. The former CEO featured in the 2018 Amazon Super Bowl commercial with celebrities such as Cardi B and Gordan Ramsay, who scandalously answered customer questions. 

If you want to avoid allowing Alexa to switch parameters based on her known judgment, you can shut down Hunches completely by saying to Alexa, “Shut down Hunches.” Or, in the Alexa application, obtained the parameters for Hunches (More>Setting>Hunches), where you can also select if the system handles measures to automatically control intelligent appliances such as your lights or thermostat.