All you need to know about the fate of Astrid in Thor Love and Thunder


When it comes to power, Thor from Marvel is the go-to guy. His talents are unmatched by any normal human being, as he is the great Thunder God. Loki is the God of Mischief, Hela is the Goddess of Death, and his father, Odin, so he’s not the only god in the MCU. Reddit suggests that gods aren’t all-powerful, despite their belief.

Astrid, king of the dark realms

In the first film, Thor tries hard to take the throne and become king, but when insane, he changes his mind, recalls the Redditor. The kingdom is not in his nature, and he accepts it. His arrogance and self-importance show that he doesn’t understand the difference between controlling Asgard and avenging its citizens.

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In Thor, the deity decides to abandon his throne in favor of an Earth-wide tour that includes a variety of adventures. According to Redditor theories, proves that the Son of Odin sought to be king but eventually resolved to be only the God of Thunder.

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When he instructs Valkyrie to take over the throne of Asgard while he travels to Galaxy, Thor once again rejects his position as king of Asgard.

To a lesser extent than his brother, Loki shares his brother’s desire for power.

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All he desires is to achieve that goal. He assumes the throne is gone in Thor, and Odin is in a coma, allowing Thor to take the helm.

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Then, he takes the form of Odin and controls Asgard as the Allfather disguised as the god of thunder and lightning.

The crown has been snatched away from him both times, leaving him scrambling to find it again. No matter how much Loki wants it, he will never be king; he will always. The argument holds that he was born a trickster since his mischievous side rules him.

Failed to save the Avengers from a lot of embarrassment in Phase One.

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Hela, Loki and Thor’s elder half-sister, is mentioned by the Redditor. Her attack – bring death to the people of Asgard. But Thor, Valkyrie, and Loki intervene to prevent Hela from becoming Asgard’s permanent ruler. Odin, on the other hand, was born to be king. Having served, he possesses the mental fortitude to be an effective king.

This Reddit idea appears to be correct after more examination. Despite their immense power, they are unable to alter their destiny. They are meant to be gods of whatever they are gods of.