The Northman: Everything you should know


Heavily anticipated by A24, The Witch was Robert Eggers’s final entry into horror, which saw the found-footage cinema genre fall to the ground. As the film progresses, it becomes increasingly horrifying to witness the suffering of a family plagued by doubts and the weight of their sin. 

As a result of the popularity of The Witch, A24 and the horror genre have seen an avalanche of gruesome dramas follow suit. Similar appreciation was given to A24 and Eggers’ The Lighthouse, released four years later. The director’s fondness for historical dramas and the languages that go along with them has led him time and time again to the icy isle of Iceland.

In 2019, the idea for a Northman film was first floated, and casting and production size rumours started circulating almost immediately. Eggers has been thinking about bringing audiences to the Viking era; he told Collider’s Editor-in-Chief in 2019. Eggers once again brought up the film’s huge scale as pre-production got underway in 2020.

As a result, we were continually scouting sites or revisiting areas that we already had, creating sets there. There are numerous locations in the picture.” We’re creating all of these worlds and establishing all of these settlements.


In addition to planning the shots, we’re creating hundreds, teaching the horses to perform the tasks they’ll be asked to perform, and constructing the sets. Only scenes with visual effects or animals and stunts are usually storyboard. There isn’t a scene in this film that doesn’t include a boat or a slew of extras. For the most part, the film is being storyboarded.

What Is the Release Date for The Northman?

On April 22, 2022, The Northman will be released exclusively in cinemas. The Northman’s theatrical premiere was postponed from April 8 to April 22 due to yet another protracted delay at the start of production.

What’s the plot of The Northman about??

Storyline: The Northman is described as an action-packed epic about a young Viking prince’s journey to avenge the killing of his father. Hamlet, Shakespeare’s most famous play, was inspired by a Scandinavian folk tale. 

Viking Prince Amleth departs his house after being attacked by members of his family in The Northman, where he spends the remainder of her life committed to the following hypothesis: “You have my word that I shall retaliate against you, father. Mother, I’ll come to your rescue. Fjölnir, I will end your life.”