When Will The Film Uncharted Arrive?


Despite its long and winding route, Uncharted will eventually hit cinemas later this month. Tom Holland will help bring Nathan Drake to life on the big screen in a prequel movie that will offer us a look.

Mark Wahlberg, who plays Victor “Sully” Sullivan, will join Holland in the film, and we’ve already seen a few scenes that look like they could have been lifted.

We’ve compiled all the information we know about the upcoming Uncharted film, including cast and crew information, the answers to your most pressing clips that have been released so far, and so much more.

On February 18, 2022, Uncharted will be released in the United States (February 11 in the United Kingdom), and it will have its world debut only in cinemas.

When Can I Watch Uncharted on Netflix or Disney+?

In 2021, Sony struck a contract with Netflix and Disney+ to broadcast its theatrical productions from 2022 through 2026 in the United States. Films such as Spider-Man and Uncharted will be available on Netflix first.

According to the official Uncharted narrative, the movie will function as a prelude to the games. After deciphering clues and solving a centuries-old mystery involving $5 billion in treasure, Nate and Sully might discover their long-lost sibling… but only if they can work together.

Do you know whether Nathan Fillion will be playing Nathan Drake in Uncharted?

Many fans had anticipated that Nathan Fillion would play Nathan Drake in the next Uncharted film. A short film in which Fillion played Drake was even made without the studio’s permission. According to Fillion, the one thing he regrets is how long it’s been since the games have been made into films.

Aside from waiting so long, my main complaint is that we were never able to view any Uncharted footage. “As Fillion put it, ” I believe I’ve accomplished what I set out to do. The more I learn about that, the more enthused I am. I enjoy movies, and those actors — Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, please — have never disappointed. You won’t be disappointed.”

Do We Know the Actor Playing Victor “Sully” Sullivan?

Uncharted fans were furious when it appeared Mark Wahlberg, who is supposed to play Victor “Sully” Sullivan in the film, was not sporting the mustache the character wears in the games. Fans were ecstatic to see Wahlberg sporting a mustache in the movie’s second teaser. It’s still unknown whether or not the mustache will be the main character in the film.