Hellbound season 2 release date: Will it make a comeback on Netflix?


Netflix’s most popular and latest series of South Korea, Hellbound season 1, has already defeated the squid game series as the latest most viewed Television show on the streaming platform. Hellbound is entirely based on a webtoon and is a dystopian drama series set into an alternate world where various supernatural things occur that reveal to humans the time and date of their death. But, three magnificent monsters came in from another planet and killed that human on the spot. Hellbound season 1 features various protagonists across its episodes, and some of them have scope to continue with their stories in Hellbound season 2.


Netflix has not made any official announcement regarding Hellbound season 2 comeback, but there are several reasons to be hopeful that this famous series will continue. Like the Squid Game series, this most-watched series also has grabbed a massive number of audiences all over the globe. And its ratings in 80 varying countries have topped up within 24 hours of its release and have defeated the Squid Game’s ratings worldwide. As Hellbound season 1 ends with jaw-dropping cliffhangers, viewers could expect its return.

Its first season unfolded from various perspectives of varying characters, and some of the characters don’t make it to the series finale. Speaking about who would return, Kim Hyun-Joo is likely to return in the character of a lawyer turned badass Min Hye-jin, who proves to be the best force of nature. Viewers can also see Yang Ik-June in police detective Jin Kyung-hoon, who remains the primary character in the first three episodes of season 1 but disappeared midway, leaving the audience clueless. Kim Shin-rok might return as Park Jeong-ja, who returns shockingly in the finale after getting killed and vanishing from the camera.

Hellbound season 1 ends up with various suspensions that would continue in season 2.

Viewers would get to see multiple interesting plots in Hellbound season 2. Till then, you have to wait for the release of it.