Zendaya answers to her drug-addict role criticism from Euphoria season 2


Euphoria season 2 is in production, and the show’s fans are eagerly waiting for the show and live for the drama. Thus, several viewers have brutally criticized the show, saying that Zendaya’s character is not up to the mark and is not approachable enough. The actress, who is 25 years old, plays the role of Rue Bennett, the protagonist and a drug addict of a high school show.

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Euphoria season 2 of the most famous HBO show has given its viewers everything, including scandalous batch-ups, family rows, and friendship fallouts.

With the conversation with Entertainment Weekly regarding Rue’s role whether it should have more screen time over the screen or not, Zendaya answers that it is pretty essential for various other characters who can’t be seen much over the screen during last season so that viewers could know more about their characters. Actress Zendaya also spoke in defense of how the show enhances drug use in teens.

Zendaya opens up about the various negative statements regarding the show and reveals that it is not any moral tale to teach people what to do and how to live their lives. Euphoria season 2 is all about helping people feel less lonely in their pain and experience and not glorifying any drug use in teens.

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The actress also says that the show is all about telling teenagers that they are not alone and are not the only ones to deal with pain.

The actress also hopes that people will indeed connect to the show to heal themselves and grow with Rue, as during the end of the season, Rue will feel the change in herself and hopefully will get out of drug addiction. And, along with her, several other people will also come out from this grave situation.