Snoop Dogg Calls a ‘Dream come true’ to Super Bowl halftime show


‘I’m truly believing I’m in an imaginary world since I can hardly imagine, that they will let a hip-hop artist (me) grace the stage in an NFL Super Bowl’ Snoop said.

Snoop Dogg has said he doesn’t anticipate getting nervous until after he’s performed at the Super Bowl halftime show.

The rapper “Gin and Juice” is featuring the event in LA on 13th Feb, Sunday along with other famous artists named as Kendrick Lamar, Dr Dre, Eminem, and Mary J Blige.”As far as I am concerned, at the time of performing, I never allowed the moment to get greater than me,” he told the Associated Press.

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He said, “I’m not going to realize it until it happened,”.

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“While it’s occurring, he was in the complete zone and was stuck to the script, being right on track, sounding good, looking good and feeling better. I need to radiate a great show.

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“Sometime later, it’s the point at which I’ll be nervous with regards to watching it to see what the response is. Yet, I’m going through it, it’s nothing.” In spite of this, the artist and the owner of Death Row Records said performing at the Super Bowl in his home state of California was “a little glimpse of bliss”.

“We all are one. We as a whole are united” the 50-year-old said of his fellow artist. “If you truly see it, that is what the world needs to comprehend that we want to meet up rather than division.

He, Blige, Eminem, Lamar and Dr Dre join an esteemed group of artists, featured the Super Bowl halftime show, which also includes Beyoncé, Prince, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Shakira, The Weekend, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Bruce Springsteen.

“I can’t imagine, I’m in a fantasy since I can hardly imagine how they will let a genuine hip-hop artist grace the stage in a NFL Super Bowl,” Snoop said.

“We’re simply going to wait for those magical moments and set up something that will be spectacular, and do how we’re known for doing and add on to the heritage.

Snoop is experiencing one of the major weeks of his entire career. Not only in super bowl, it is also announced on 11th February that he will be the new owner of the Death Row Owner.