The Flash Season 8 Episode 6: What to expect?


Eobard Thawne’s near-death forced Team Flash to debate whether or not they could let him die in the “Armageddon” crossover finale of The Flash season 8 on Sunday night. Thawne equates his death to being stripped of his abilities, so that’s what they did.

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However, we’re not done with him by any means, but this season will continue without him.

This is all we know about episode 6 of The Flash season 8 so far, from its release date to what we can expect from Bart and Nora’s reappearance!

Is there going to be a new episode of The Flash?

No. Season 8 of The Flash is currently on a winter break following the “Armageddon” crossover.

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The CW app and have all five event episodes accessible for viewing. Max Adler will reprise his role as The Hotness, and a metahuman Iris squared up against after she was given Barry’s speed powers in season 4.

In 2022, when will The Flash’s eighth season premiere?

On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, new episodes of The Flash will premiere. For the first time this season, episode 6 will debut on a Wednesday instead of a Tuesday, which means you’ll want to mark your calendars.

Once Thawne has been defeated for the moment, the rest of the season can begin, which will be kicked off by the return of Bart and Nora to the show.

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If the chronology is screwed up, the two siblings will have to rectify the situation before the future as they know it is drastically altered.

This means that we’ll go back in time with the two characters, likely to Barry’s first year as a superhero. Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett), their mother’s deceased fianc√© who had given his life in season 1 to delete a version of the Reverse-Flash, appears in the trailer (posted below).

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Season 8 of The Flash is coming to a close.

This flashback episode is guaranteed to have several Easter eggs. Exactly how Eddie’s visit will affect the remainder of season 8; nevertheless, this is not the only flashback we’ll see in season 8.

Max Adler will reprise his role as The Hotness, and a metahuman Iris squared up against after she was given Barry’s speed powers in season 4.

With Bart and Nora struggling with time difficulties and the season focusing on Iris’ time illness, The Flash season 8 promises to be a mind-bender when it comes to timelines.

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