What are the powers of Black Adam?


Finally, after a lengthy wait, Dwayne Johnson’s long-awaited Black Adam film is about to arrive. A new promotional video for the July 29 release of ‘DC – The World Needs Heroes,’ which includes the 2022 theatrical release Lost Kingdom, has given us a few tantalising views.

Even though Black Adam has been a DC Comics staple in recent years, he hasn’t gained much traction outside of the comics world. However, the character’s history dates back to 1945, significant rivals, before DC was even DC (still operating by the name National Publications).

After a makeover and revival in the late 1990s as an opponent and later, numerous members of the Justice Society, including Hawkman, Cyclone, Doctor Fate and Atom Smasher, will feature in Johnson’s Black Adam film.

The history and mythology of Black Adam, like the ancient stories from which his storey draws inspiration, maybe after spanning so many publications and reimaginings over the years.

Newsarama’s specialists are ready to take you through Black Adam’s entire comic book history and reveal all you need to know about him ahead of his big film debut.

Powers of Black Adam

Using the same technique as Billy Batson and his family, Theo Adam (who is subsequently entirely erased when Black Adam rejoins the JSA) is a summons to turn into Black Adam and gain identical superhuman capabilities as his illustrious forebears.

Some attribute this to a shift in gift, while others attribute it to external causes. In either case, it’s unclear why this happened. The Egyptian gods aid black Adam:

  • Shu, the god of strength and invincibility.
  • The god Heru bestows on him superhuman speed.
  • Amon, the god of strength and might.
  • In the presence of Zehuti, who bestows wisdom and understanding.
  • When it comes to Aton’s capabilities, “power” is typically used as a synonym, although this may also be used to his lightning abilities.
  • Finally, there is Menthu, who bestows unwavering bravery onto Black Adam.
  • Since Black Adam has never shared his power with anybody else like Billy Batson did five other heroes in the big-screen SHAZAM! Family, his power levels have frequently been represented as even higher than those of SHAZAM!