What to expect from 365 Days 2?


The good news is that the release date for 365 Days 2 has already been set for 2022, which will air on Netflix sometime in 2019.

There’s a lot to look forward to with 365 Days 3 as well.

A few months after the first film premiered in Polish cinemas and over two years following its distribution on Netflix, the sequel is finally here.

A February release for 365 Days 2 would coincide nicely with the celebration of love on Feb. 14. See below for all the latest information on the eagerly awaited sequel.

What is the Netflix release date for 365 Days 2?

Netflix hasn’t announced 365 Days 2’s release date as of Feb. 10. The 365 Days 2 movie is expected to be published on Netflix in the spring or summer of 2022, but that is more than a year away. 365 Days 2 is anticipated to be posted on Netflix by May 2022, since development for the sequel is likely to be complete. Things are likely to finish up shortly because of post-production for a long time.

In February 2022, Netflix will begin streaming the second season of the sensual Dark Desire. Unfortunately, 365 Days 2 will not be among the titles available for streaming in that month.

What can we expect from 365 Days 2?

Following Blanka Lipiska’s novel, This Day, This Day is expected to be the basis for the second 365 Days film, based on the original film’s premise.

When a young Polish woman called Laura Biel falls for Sicilian, she is imprisoned and forced to fall in love with him under a 365-day time limit imposed by Torricelli’s enforcers.

It’s all about the cliffhanger in the first 365 Days film. Laura admits that she’s been feeling a little under the weather, but she decides against going to the doctor. They talk about their impending nuptials, which will be private because she doesn’t want her family to learn what Massimo does. Despite this, Massimo is Laura’s bridesmaid.

Laura tells Olga she’s pregnant when she visits, and Olga encourages her to tell Massimo right away. When Laura asks Massimo to chat after dinner, he agrees to meet her there.

365 Days 2 Plot

To complicate matters further, an undercover Torricelli informant alerts Mario to Laura’s imminent death at the hands of an opposing mafia organisation. In a tunnel, Laura’s automobile disappears without a trace. Just as Laura issues her distress call, Mario dashes out to find Massimo. After Massimo’s breakdown, a police cruiser blocks the tunnel’s entrance upon discovering what transpired.