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Rules and regulations of the test

  • No Electronic Devices Are Allowed in the Examination Hall.
  • A Pencil, Pencil Sharpener, Blank Graph Paper and Ruler Campuses are allowed to be brought in.
  • There is a strict no-talking rule in the examination room.
  • In the same way that SAT math problems are written and solved, the responses are
  • entered into OMR sheets in the same manner.
  • To avoid rounding errors, answers must include all zeros, including the leading zeros. If the answer is 8, for example, the correct notation would be 008 and 034.
  • Over the course of two days, the AIME test is held and administered. Students may only take one of these tests each year, with one designated as a Maim Day and the other as an Alternate Day.
  • It should be resolved in three years at the most.

What Does The AIME Test Entail?

American Invitational Mathematics Examinations (AIME) is an acronym. AIME I And AIME II Are the Two Types of Tests Offered. Two tests are used by the United States Mathematical Olympiad to determine who is eligible to take the USAMO exam. The AMC and the AIME are the first two.

How To Prepare For The AOIME Examination
Individuals Prepare For The Test In A Variety Of Ways, And Even More, Methods Are Introduced To Assist Students In Their Preparation. Several Popular And Effective Methods Include The Following:

Achieve Exams: Is A Practice Exam With The Same Time Constraints, Questions, And Scoring Like The Real Thing. It Has Been Created To Assist Students With Their Preparation.

While Mock Exams Are Previous AIMS Practice Exams That Are Used To Simulate The Real Thing At The Same Time And Environment.

Daily Magic Spell: Provides You With New Math Problems And Questions To Practice Each Day.


Every month, at a specific time, students from around the world compete online in monthly contests.

Private Lectures, Lessons, and Classes Are All Part Of AMC Preparation.

Full-Year Courses: Develop Your Problem-Solving and Knowledge Base to Solve Problems and Prepare You for the Test in Every Aspect. Live Online Classes:


Campus vacations, whether in the summer or winter, offer students a chance to get in some serious study time while still having a good time. To get the most out of your vacations, avoid wasting time and make the most of what you do have.

What Is the Proper Format for Replies?

Remember to Proofread Your Answers Before Submitting Them. Answering the Question Correctly Is Important, but so is the quality of your writing. Remember to add zeros, and exercise caution and concentration. 008 and 045 would be the proper way to write “8 and 45,” for example.

Students Who Do Well On Tests Are Rewarded With A Book Discount Or A Plaque, As Participation Benefits And Advantages.
Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals are awarded to even the Institute’s best students.
In order to compete in the AOIME and USAMO, students must meet the AMC eligibility requirements. Pins for MOP Winners are also given out, but only to the student who receives the best grade in their school.
Students who achieve particularly high marks are also awarded a certificate.

What are some of the most frequently asked questions?

After USAMO, what’s in store for us?

AMC, AOIME, and USAO high scores are required for students to compete in the USAMO, which means that the best USAMO competitors are invited to participate in the Mathematical Olympiad Program (MOP) the summer after the competition.

I’m Confused About The AOIME Exam! How Do We Discover It?

Use past papers to help you prepare for the test; solve them and keep practising until you are confident that you will be able to answer questions correctly on test day.

Is There an Age Requirement to Take the Test?

There is no upper age limit for a young student. Students, their teachers, parents, or guardians may take the test if they believe the student can successfully complete it. Previous years’ tests have included students as young as eight years old.

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