The first Venom movie had an origin story. It featured the symbiote arriving on Earth with three alien companions who wanted to conquer it. After bonding with the titular symbiote Venom, our errant protagonist Eddie Brock exposes and destroys the Life Foundation. The end credits scene stated that the sequel would feature Carnage, one of Marvel’s more deranged symbiotes.

In Venom 2, Carnage and Shriek cause havoc for Brock. Despite the odds being stacked against him, Brock manages to triumph. It all leads to Venom swallowing Carnage, giving him a strength boost. After that, a mid-credits scene shows Venom describing alternate universes to Brock, and then two are blasted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe where J. Jonah Jameson is busy exposing who Spider-Man is. So much to take in, but it tells us a lot about Venom 3 and the franchise in general.venom-3-7726707


Despite the problems that Covid-19 has generated with virtually every movie production, the first Venom feature came out in 2018. While we have yet to hear about the next film, we wouldn’t be surprised if it came out before 2024.


Although Covid-19 has caused problems with virtually every movie production, the first Venom movie came out in 2018 and the second one is scheduled to come out in 2021. There is yet to be an official announcement of the next film but it’s unlikely that we’ll see it before 2024 even if one is made at this point.


There is no official plot for Venom 3 for now, but thanks to the finale of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, we can get a sense of the movie’s direction. Towards the film’s conclusion, Detective Mulligan, who had been a decent dude up to that point, opens his eyes and discovers that they are shining a deep blue. There is a strong implication that Mulligan would eventually turn into Toxin as his comic book moniker suggests. A toxin is meant to be Carnage’s offspring, just as Venom is Toxin’s offspring. Try not to think about it for too long: Venom is Toxin’s great-grandfather.

Toxin is essentially a collection of all of its predecessors’ strongest qualities, making them a formidable opponent. Even if they aren’t intrinsically bad, it’s possible that the movies just don’t show this truth.

We now know that Tom Hardy’s Venom is unlikely to meet Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home. We saw Eddie return to his dimension at the end of No Way Home after Doctor Strange dealt with the collapse of the multiverse.

The cast of VENOM 3: Who will appear in the third installment of the series?
Due to the lack of certainty in any of this, we’re left to our own imaginations. However, it would be strange if Tom Hardy did not reprise his roles as Venom and Eddie Brock. In addition to his star power, he is the heart and soul of the flicks, bringing to life even the most ludicrous parts of the character

Explaining Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Stephen Graham as Detective Mulligan and Toxin is another major name. That is if the film’s ending points in the same direction as the whole of the plot. At this moment, it appears exceedingly improbable that they will replace the character.

Michelle Williams as Anne Weying and Reid Scott as Dr. Dan Lewis, as well as a few other minor characters who have lent humanity to the Venom movies, could make a reappearance. Until further notice, we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

In VENOM 3, will Spider-Man make an appearance?

No. It doesn’t appear likely, or at least doubtful, that Eddie will meet Wallcrawler from the MCU at this moment. As Venom was brought back to his reality after No Way Home, it is unlikely that he will ever meet Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man in his universe.

However, Venom left a small piece of himself behind in the MCU, thus it is possible that Marvel’s Spider-Man will encounter some form of the symbiote.

Is VENOM 3 going to be available on streaming services when it comes out?

If Sony Pictures releases Venom 3 on a streaming service prior to its theatrical release, it seems highly improbable that Sony Pictures will do the same unless Marvel becomes more engaged and the two companies negotiate a Disney Plus agreement.

Because that isn’t the case right now, we can expect Venom 3 to be available on streaming sites after the film’s theatrical run has ended.

The cast of Venom 3 has been announced

  • Patrick Mulligan is Stephen Graham.
  • It was Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.
  • Anne Weying will be played by Michelle Williams.
  • Dan Lewis will be played by Reid Scott.
  • As Cletus Kasady, Woody Harrelson will play the role.
  • Frances Barrison is Naomie Harris.


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