Season 2 of No Demo Reno: Release Date and Updates!


HGTV’s No Demo Reno, which is shot in Dallas, will return for a third season.

According to Burleson native Jenn Todryk, who shared the news with her Instagram followers late Sunday, the “breakout” season that premiered in March has been renewed.

Filming will begin in January, with a “planned” summer premiere date, according to a Facebook post today. This is Today, the contractor listens and then comes up with a plan to demonstrate to the homeowners that they can still appreciate the home without big deconstruction.flvhu6qjqnetrkpokmrcievmie-6481224

Unscripted shows targeting the 25 to 54-year-old female demographic and more affluent houses placed No Demo Reno among the top five.

Ratings on HGTV’s 8-to-9 p.m. time slot increased by 36% during the show’s first season, which ended in May. In order to be renewed for another season, the ten one-hour programs, each of which featured two homes, aired on Saturday mornings as part of a block on HGTV. An additional ten programs were revealed by the network on Monday. For the 26th of August in 2022, we may expect the release of No Demo Reno Season 2.

In the second season of No Demo Reno

HGTV president Jane Latman lauded No Demo Reno and hinted that it might return in June for a second season. The immediate outpouring on social media shows how well-liked she is. Today announced her news late Sunday night, and within a few hours, it had received 80,000 likes and 3,800 heartfelt comments.

After just one season of No Demo Reno, Latman stated, “Jenn has a committed audience of millions of viewers on HGTV,” and her Instagram following has grown tremendously as a result of her authenticity, fun, humor, and resourcefulness. The show highlights Jenn’s hectic family life, as well as Jenn’s budget-friendly home improvement ideas, in order to offer her viewers a deeper understanding of her sparkle. Season two is going to be even better than the first!91xdrthgutl-_ri_-8228122

Her daily Amazon and other online retailer recommendations appear on her many social media sites, where she is also a social media influencer. Through link sales commissions, the most popular technique to compensate influencers is to reward them for their efforts.

Her husband is Mike Today, the proprietor of Allen, Texas’s Armor Coffee Co. Burleson was her hometown growing up. Allen’s Nine Brand Brewing, a former microbrewery, was purchased by the couple in July.

His three young children are routinely featured in his social media posts today.

However, Todryk admitted in an interview with The Dallas Morning News that her true passion was in interior design, despite her initial plans to become an aspiring fashion designer. The first season of No Demo Reno is currently available to stream on Discovery+ for a small fee.


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