During the second season of Cheer, the Coronavirus kills off several players.


When the COVID-19 global pandemic struck in Season 2 of Cheer on Netflix, the Navarro and TVCC cheerleading squads both suffered.

Spoilers ahead for the second season of the hit comedy Cheer, which can be seen now on Netflix.

At the National Cheerleading Championships, both teams at the center of Netflix’s Cheer were aiming to win their respective divisional championships. This outstanding group of college cheerleaders was slated to perform at a tournament only days before a global coronavirus outbreak wiped out practically every sporting event on the planet. COVID-19 brought an abrupt end to the careers of some of the world’s most talented athletes.

In Season 1, Navarro College’s cheerleaders prepared for the National Cheerleading Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida. In season two, Trinity Valley Community College, Navarro’s fiercest rival, was introduced. Viewers had the opportunity to learn more about the Navarro squad and fall in love with the brilliant tumblers, stunters, and flyers at TVCC during Season 2 of the show.

When will the second season of Cheer air?

On the 12th of January 2022, Netflix will release all nine episodes of Season 2.

Cheer Season 2 has yet to receive a trailer

There are three cheers for Cheer Season 2! Viewers Can’t-Wait to See What Happens Next on Netflix’s Popular Reality Series
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Cheers to the new year! Netflix revealed in December 2021 that the sports docuseries Cheer had been renewed for Season 2—and as of Jan. 12, it’s finally here!

They went from just making it to making it big once the first season was shown. As a result of his prominent role in the Emmy-winning series, Jerry Harris was arrested on multiple federal sexual misconduct charges, including solicitation of child pornography, shortly after its premiere. The clip shows Harris’ teammates and coach Monica Aldama coping with the news in Season 2, which deals with the claims against Harris.

In a statement to Variety, Cheer director Greg Whiteley said of Season 2: “I am a strong believer in the power of storytelling and telling them honestly.” “Being a part of their lives was amazing, distressing, irritating at times, and ultimately moving. After our final day of filming [Season 2] in Daytona, I thought, ‘I can’t believe we saw what we saw, we saw what we experienced.’ If we execute our job correctly, we can take the audience on the same roller coaster journey… It’s my belief that the ideal version of a story is one that honors the truth and does not flee from it.”

Everything you need to know about Cheer Season 2 while you wait for the Bulldogs’ return (alas, not including the meaning of FIOFMU).

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When will the second season of Cheer air?

On the 12th of January 2022, Netflix will release all nine episodes of Season 2.

Cheer Season 2 has yet to receive a trailer.

In addition to announcing the renewal of Cheer for a second season on Dec. 28, Netflix also released a tense trailer. With their increased prominence comes new challenges, both on and off the football field, for the Navarro College cheerleaders. “I can’t even, like, absorb it right now,” Aldama is heard saying in relation to Harris’ arrest.

the “Simone Biles of cheering,” is shown in the second portion of the trailer, as is Trinity Valley Community College’s team, which includes tumbler Angel Rice. The opposing school, which came in second place at the prestigious Daytona competition in 2019, was only briefly mentioned in Season 1, but it appears that they’ll play a considerably larger role this time around. ” There is also a scene where Coach Vontae Johnson tells a player, “Don’t come here simply because you want to be famous. Arrive with the goal of being the best.

Is the arrest of Jerry Harris in Cheer Season 2 going to be mentioned?

Now 22, Harris has gone on to act as an Oscars 2020 red carpet journalist for Ellen DeGeneres after receiving national attention after Cheer Season 1. Nevertheless, he was arrested in September of 2020 on a number of federal sexual misconduct counts, including the solicitation of child pornographic material. It’s been reported by the New York Times and Yahoo that Harris pled not guilty in December 2020; he’s currently being held in prison.

Because the arrest had such an influence on the team, Whiteley tells Variety, “Jerry would’ve been tough to ignore.”


After the allegations against Harris were made public, Aldama said in Season 2 that Harris wrote her a “hard to read” letter—and that she found it worrisome because Harris’s message was “optimistic,” Yahoo reports. This letter contained no negative comments. I don’t know if he sees himself as a motivational speaker, but that’s what he claimed he hoped to be. I was taken aback by his optimism for the future.

“Events, as they happened, commencing in January 2020 through April 2021”, were filmed before the accusations were filed. During Episode 5, the episode will focus on the charges against Harris and include interviews with the brothers who initially came out and filed a lawsuit against Harris, claiming they were 13 when inappropriate behavior began. As Whiteley put it, “[They] have an important tale; my responsibility is to let them tell it.”

Who knows what may transpire in the next second season of the hit NBC show.
Additionally, the Navarro Cheerleaders will have to deal with the cancellation of the 2020 NCA and NDA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championship—a.k.a. the Super Bowl of cheerleading—due to COVID-19, in addition to dealing with Harris’ arrest during Cheer Season 2. The next episodes of Navarro will also examine the impact of the sudden stardom of certain Navarro cheerleaders.

It was “hard to ignore their fame” when Whiteley and the crew arrived at Navarro to film Season 2. “That would have been dishonest not to account for it when filming because it was such a large aspect of their life.”

Cheer Season 2 cast members have yet to be announced.

Cheer Season 2 will feature a number of returning cast members, including the following:

In this case, Monica Aldama

There will soon be additional encouragement from the team coach, who serves as a mentor and parental figure for many of her athletes. Cheer Season 1 was not her final appearance on television; in 2020, she will compete on Dancing With the Stars Season 29. Full Out: Lessons in Life and Leadership from America’s Favorite Coach will be released on Tuesday, January 4, 2022, the same day as Cheer Season 2 premieres. For the first season of the wildly popular show, “I had a terrific time,” she had said. After filming us for 12 hours a day, the crew “became like a family” when they returned.

Lexi Brumback’s

At the end of Season 1, Lexi was booted from the team because she got into legal issues, but she’s since been given a second chance and will appear in Season 2. For the first time since her departure, Netflix has shared a video of Aldama describing how her skill “clearly is top-notch,” and that “More importantly, I felt like she still needed me.”

Gabi Butler

This is a star who was already a household name in the world of cheerleading before Netflix’s show. In Season 2, she returns to Navarro for her last competition. Last year’s season was shortened by COVID-19, she said in September 2020. When we arrived at Daytona Nationals, we had an incredible routine and an incredible squad ready to go.” As a result of COVID, I opted to return for one more year since I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to participate.

Morgan Simianer and La’Darius Marshall are two of the returning stars. Season 2 will also feature new cast members from TVCC, such as Johnson and Rice, in addition to the dedicated Navarro team.

What about the 2021 election?
(Spoilers for Season 2 are ahead!)

While the second season of Cheer has yet to begin, we already know how they’ll fare versus TVCC in the highly anticipated NCA & NDA Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida. TMZ reports that Aldama’s favoured team, which has won 14 national championships under his guidance, was beaten by TVCC by barely 0.158 points this time around.

To watch Cheer, here’s a cheat sheet.
Netflix presently has the entire first and second season of Cheer available for streaming.


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