Pitch Perfect 4: Cast, release date, plot and more


Despite the cast’s repeated hints for a fourth Barden Bellas film, nothing has been confirmed.

The cast virtually reunited in August 2020 for a special cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’, with all sales going to UNICEF, but no word on Pitch Perfect 4.

It’s not surprising because Pitch Perfect 3 got the worst reviews of the series, made $100 million less than the second film, and was billed as the end of the Bellas “as we know them.”

The cast can make a fourth film happen, and until Universal says otherwise, it’s a possibility.


When is Pitch Perfect 4 coming out?

A fourth film has yet to be announced, thus no release date has been set, and it’s difficult to predict when it will arrive.

In October 2018, Rebel Wilson shared a photo with her co-stars Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, and Chrissie Fit, all of whom were holding up four fingers.

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Despite Wilson’s November 2018 tease that she’d be making another “musical picture in the next 12 months”, nothing has happened since. (She was taunting Cats.)

So it’s hard to determine when a fourth film will be released. It must first be confirmed.

Who’s returning for Pitch Perfect 4?

A fourth film may have been hinted at, but it’s hard to envision it not featuring the stars who made the franchise a blockbuster.

In the first sequel, Hailee Steinfeld plays Emily (who joins the Bellas in the second sequel), Hana Mae Lee plays Lilly (AKA Esther in the third film), and Ester Dean plays Cynthia.



If there is ever a fourth film, it’s likely that the ensemble would want to reunite for another round of singing. To celebrate Pitch Perfect 3, Wilson claimed he wanted to make “four or five” more films and Kendrick said they would continue making them “forever”.

When asked about the possibility of a fourth Pitch Perfect film, Camp told ET Online that she was “down.” She went on to say, “I adore those girls and I love playing my part, so if they needed me, I would be there, for certain.”

Ahead of the release of Pitch Perfect 4, what is the plot of the fourth film?

The Bellas reunited three years after the second movie for an overseas USO (United Service Organizations) tour in the third film. The prize for the tournament was the opportunity to open for DJ Khaled, as usual.

Before the Bellas and DJ Khaled play together for the final time, DJ Khaled has Beca open for him following a tense run-in with some criminals, which ends with Beca receiving their approval.

Every character had a happy ending, such as Beca gaining a job with DJ Khaled, Aubrey reconnecting with her father, Chloe getting accepted into vet school, Emily returning to Barden University, and Lilly getting reunited with DJ Dragon Nutz.

For this reason, any plot for Pitch Perfect 4 must devise a means to get the Bellas back together, if only for the sake of the next singing competition.

Anna Camp offers a different vision for what future movies could be like. As she told Collider, “We want to do it until we’re old and we’re acting in a retirement home,” she added that they could catch up with the Bellas every five or 10 years.

“Does Fat Amy have any children? Are Fat Amy and Bumper a married couple? Imagining what will become of your favorite characters in around five years would be an amazing experience.”


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