The release date, characters, plot, and everything else you need to know about the second season of Dare Me.


Addy Hanlon and Beth Cassidy, best friends and high school cheerleaders, are at the center of Dare Me, a darkly seductive drama based on Megan Abbott’s novel of the same name.

When Colette French, the new cheer coach, appears on the scene, their friendship becomes strained. Addy, better known as Hanlon, is enchanted by Colette, and the two begin to keep each other’s secrets. When Colette brings the teen into the killing of Sarge Will, who was slain in his apartment, their relationship becomes more intense.

We learn Colette and her husband Matt were involved at the end of season one, but we have no idea what transpired the night of his death.

To show Colette’s involvement in the death of Will, Beth is using Hanlon’s obsession with her as a motive. However, by choosing that path, she also puts her best buddy at risk.b2881d916039ad9feb7f331830095a54-4329845

Will it return for a second season after so many questions were left unresolved at the conclusion of season one?

The following is a comprehensive guide.

When can we expect the second season of Dare Me to air?

Dare Me was supposedly canceled by USA Network because the network was shifting its focus from fiction to reality programming, as was revealed back in April.

But that doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods yet. Because Universal Content Productions plans to sell the blend of teenage angst, small-town drama, and a murder mystery to other sources, it appears that the show has some life left in it.

Even then, it’s been a year since the cancellation was announced, and it’s looking less and less likely that Netflix will pick up the production costs on its own at this point.

Despite the fact that, in January 2021, the official Netflix Helps Twitter account offered some further rays of light.surrender-at-discretion-s01e03-cropped-6602093

Even then, it’s been a year since the cancellation was announced, and it’s looking less and less likely that Netflix will pick up the production costs on its own at this point.

Despite the fact that, in January 2021, the official Netflix Helps Twitter account offered some further rays of light.

Twitter feeds are used to populate this page. Their website may provide the same stuff in a different format or even more information than you were looking for.
There you are! However, we don’t have any information about season 2 of Dare Me at this time but do keep an eye on our social media accounts for future announcements.

However, the streaming service was merely involved in distributing Dare Me, not co-funding it as co-producers.

One can speculate that this contributed to USA Network’s cancellation of the show. Since its launch, Netflix has consistently placed the show in its top 10 most popular shows, with positive reviews driving the series into Netflix’s top 10 most popular shows list every single time.

However, the network may have played its hand a little too early when discussing the show’s financial destiny. Perhaps they assumed Netflix would be reluctant to let it go because it had been so popular. We can’t help but speculate about this intriguing riddle, of course.

Universal Content Productions, on the other hand, was confident enough in the concept to announce that the murder mystery would be available on additional platforms. Unfortunately, no one has so far taken the bait.

Other networks may be held back by Dare Me’s gloominess. There are so many “preconceptions you bring in,” says star Willa Fitzgerald (via EW), “like a show about cheerleading, like Bring It On, which is fully not this show.”

After reading the first script, I was blown away by the complexity of the women. Human nature is shown to have a very dark side. I couldn’t wait to get started on this incredibly complex and repressed female protagonist.”

Abbot remarked, “We didn’t want to simplify anything in order to make it more palatable.” To capture the complexity of these complex feelings and emotions, we wanted them to appear untidy and even unsightly. That was something we never wanted to compromise on.

As for preconceptions like the mean girl or the dumb girl or any other clichés from high school shows, we didn’t want that either.

The show’s popularity is due to the fact that viewers enjoy the gloom, but networks sometimes require more convincing evidence, particularly when a series has previously been canceled once. The more time that passes, the more our cheerleader pyramid of optimism begins to quake. Let’s hope another streaming service sees reason soon.

Dare Me to season 2 cast members have been announced. Who will appear on the show?

If a new home is found for season two, the following actors and actresses can be counted on to return: Colette (Willa Fitzgerald), Beth (Marlo Kelly), Matt (Rob Heaps), Beth’s much-maligned half-sister Tacy (Alison Thornton), Riri (Taveeta Szymanowicz) and the rest of the cheer squad, Beth and Tacy’s dad Bert (Paul Fitzgerald), Hanlon’s mum Faith (Amanda Brugel) and Beth’s mum Lana, among others

Sarge Will (Zach Roerig), who was shot dead, is one of the characters that won’t be returning (except in flashback).

Who killed Will and what will happen in season 2 of Dare Me?

The second season, according to showrunner and author Abbott, will continue to draw heavily on the original source material (if another network or streaming service decides to take it on).

As she explained to Entertainment Weekly, “We follow the pieces of the puzzle very closely, but we only go through roughly half the novel in the first season.”

“Having only one character’s point of view, we were able to flesh out more of the tale because we were confined to her thoughts.

“Addy, Beth, and the coach’s perspectives alternate throughout the show. We get a deeper understanding of the other characters and the dynamics of the group.”

US Network’s Dare Me

According to our spider senses, the second season of Spider-Man will focus on the fate of Sarge Will.

He didn’t kill himself, and Colette and Matt were heavily involved in his death. However, we still don’t know how Matt became involved in this and what happened on the night of his death.

It’s possible that Kurtz’s altercation with Will may be used as evidence that he was responsible for Will’s death.

Dare Me Network in the USA
It’s clear that Hanlon knows more than she’s letting on to her mother and Beth. There will be some very difficult questions to answer for the cheerleader now that her Hamsa bracelet has been discovered at the scene of the crime.

A second CCTV system caught our eye on the night of Will’s death when Colette and Hanlon were evading capture. It’s just that no one has mentioned it yet.

According to Willa Fitzgerald, “it will surely come into play.”

The USA NETWORK dares you!
And naturally, we’d expect to see more of Hanlon and Colette’s tense relationship.

Fitzgerald told DS that while they were chatting “In my opinion, Addy is Colette’s undoing.

“Addy embodies everything Colette yearns for: youth, possibility, and unbridled liberation. She is more than simply a coach, friend, and mentor to him; their relationship is unique since there is no precedent for what they are experiencing.

“There is something completely seductive in all that grey space.”

would you believe it?

In the United States Network
She went on to say: “The sense of dominance and control isn’t what drives their relationship, in my opinion. Confusion and opportunity are enticing to both of them, I believe.

“In my opinion, Hanlon’s presence causes Colette to revert to a younger perspective on the world. Colette gains a new perspective on her own life by spending time with someone who is at a very different point in their journey than she is.

“I believe they are both smitten by the shady and mysterious. As far as I can tell, they’re both motivated by a need to feel alive. Colette sees in Addy an escape from the cramped existence she has made for herself.

As a result, Addy’s connection with her gradually becomes claustrophobic.

Due to Colette’s isolation, “for better or worse,” Addy has become Colette’s only confidant, Fitzgerald wrote.

A teaser trailer for Dare Me season 2 has been released

Friends, we’re not there yet. First and foremost, someone must intervene to salvage the show and get permission for a second season.

You’ll be the first to know if it happens.


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