When it comes to taking the TikTok “Multidimensional Anger Test,” how do you do it?


We all know that TikTok gets new stuff from time to time. TikTok fads are fleeting, just like those in the fashion industry. Every second, new fashion trends develop and old ones fade away. Everything happens for a reason. On TikTok, there’s a new trend that’s been going on. This is what it’s called: the “Multidimensional Anger Test.”

We’ll go over the trend in more detail for you, but you already know what it is. So, keep reading to learn more about this new thing and how to use it.

TikTok’s “Multidimensional Anger Test” is a new trend.

It’s basically a quiz that looks at how “angry” you are compared to the average person. In the Multidimensional Anger Test, users are asked to agree or disagree with 38 different statements.publicistlibrary-com-2022-03-02t144643-192-3917509

  • When someone does something wrong, I get angry.
  • I don’t tell anyone about the things I’m angry about.
  • When I’m late, I’m angry.
  • It could make me angry to think back on any bad things that have happened in the past.
  • In the same situations, other people seem to get angrier than I do.
  • Anger Arousal, Anger Spectrum, Hostile Outlook, External Anger, and Internal Anger will all be rated based on how you answer the questions on the test.

When it’s done, it will figure out a total score for you and compare your findings to those of the average person.

How do you take the “Multidimensional Anger Test” and then share your results with other people?
IDR Labs has a test called the Multidimensional Anger Test. Unless you already know, IDR Labs is a company that makes tests that help people figure out what kind of person they are.

Anger tests are very easy to take. Take the steps;

  • From here, go to IDRLabs Anger Test and take the test there.
  • All 38 questions have a scale on which you can choose from “disagree” to “agree.” After you get your results, you’ll see a bar chart that shows how your score compares to the average for the country. Make sure you read the question and answer it in a way that fits your own personality.
  • Only if you think about and answer the questions correctly can you get an accurate answer.
  • Afterward, your results will be shown and you can choose to share them on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Besides that, you’ll also be given an explanation based on how your personality was found out.
  • The tests offered by the organization are based on scientific studies that have been peer-reviewed. They are also determined by experts in the field, allowing people to find out who they really are.

Don’t fall for the results of other people.

Some TikTok users are getting thousands of likes and views for sharing their scores. As the trend spreads, more and more people are taking part.

IDR Labs makes it clear that the results of the online multidimensional anger test are not meant to be professional or qualified advice of any kind, the test states.

As you can see from TikTok, people are sharing their results. A lot of the results look very interesting. This test can be taken, again and again, so you should know that some people will fake their answers to get a high score.