New Word Meaning Onslaught


onslaught \snoun [ C ]\sUS /ˈɑːn.slɑːt/ UK /ˈɒn.slɔːt/


a highly powerful attack:

It seems improbable that his forces could survive an opposing onslaught for very long.

Duke’s blitz on the Hoosiers in the second half earned them the win.

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(Definition of onslaught from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)



noun [ C ]

US /ˈɔn·slɔt, ˈɑn-/


a violent and powerful attack:

fig. With the excellent weather, the beach communities are expecting an avalanche of vacationers.

(Definition of onslaught from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

EXAMPLES of onslaught


A two-year-old can not accept this kind of toxic attack.

From NPR

That changed with the onslaught of mobile devices.


Or, maybe we are just facing the latest skirmish from an onslaught of hand-held digital devices.

From Huffington Post

The elder ones, with rounded shoulders and last-call expressions, rested their hands on their knees as if bracing themselves for the onslaught.

From Huffington Post

Each year, our global ecosystem undergoes an onslaught of nearly 5 billion pounds of insecticides.

From Huffington Post

He’s done portraits in the marketplace — a bright explosion of texture and patterns.

From NPR

I pressed myself into the corner and drew my arms and shoulders towards my chest, expecting to somehow shrink away from the onslaught.

From Slate Magazine

Then, too, it’s too difficult for most people to tolerate views of the irremediable onslaught of degradation.

From Huffington Post

As we mentioned a year ago, a deluge of hyper-tailored coupons doesn’t sound like a fun experience.


So how should we deal with the avalanche of online rumors and virtual unreality?

From NPR

The email-server storynEW tends to move in waves: silence for a period, then an explosion of news.

originating in the Atlantic

Are you prepared for the ferocity of social media?

The Hollywood Reporter has the latest.

There was an assault of squabbles regarding what criteria were and weren’t broken by that set of regulations.

by Huffington Post

In the face of such a deluge of information, it can be difficult to keep track of the major point of each chapter.

According to the Washington Times

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