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Bill Hader and Anna Kendrick Have a New Relationship! Pitch Perfect Star’s Romance History Revealed

Over the years, the Pitch Perfect star has purposefully kept her personal life under wraps. Anyone she has dated has never been spotted in public with her, and she has never appeared on the red carpet with any of them. However, keeping the Love Life Season 1 star’s love life a secret hasn’t been easy.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, Kendrick stated that it isn’t simple to keep things private. “However, that’s always been the case for me.”

It’s all right! However, Kendrick’s love life isn’t completely “in the air.” Check out our list of Anna Kendrick’s past relationships to get a better idea of her dating history.

Is there a man in Anna Kendrick’s life?

Bill Hader, the star of Barry, is rumored to be dating Kendrick. “Anna has been seeing Bill privately for over a year,” a source told PEOPLE in January 2021. They first met a long time ago. Even though she’s hosted SNL and they’ve worked on a movie together, they just met up after the film was finished… With the epidemic, it was simple for them to stay quiet about it.”

Noelle, a Disney+ holiday film released in 2019, was Kendrick and Hader’s most recent co-starring role. Because they were both singles at the same time, an insider told Us Weekly, Hader and Kendrick became closer last year.

Stowaway, a sci-fi space thriller starring Anna Kendrick, is out now.

Anna Kendrick is rumored to be dating Bill Hader

As of this writing, sources say that Kendrick and Hader have been dating for more than a year! “They’re both hysterical so they must keep each other laughing all of the time,” a source tells PEOPLE of Hader and Kendrick. It looks like she’s having a great time.”

Recently, Hader has been linked to The O.C. actress Rachel Bilson, with whom he co-starred in Maggie Carey’s 2013 adolescent rom-com The To-Do List. Both Carey and Hader, the parents of three kids, divorced in 2018 while Bilson and Hader divorced in July of this year.

The exact date and time that Anna Kendrick dated Edgar Wright is unknown

When she starred in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Kendrick began a relationship with Edgar Wright, the director of that movie. According to a source, distance played a role in the couple’s breakup, as Kendrick is situated in Los Angeles and Wright is based in London. They dated until 2013. It’s no secret that Kendrick and Wright’s relationship has been difficult for Kendrick, who told The Guardian in 2012 that he “started crying immediately” when he saw paparazzi images of the couple together. It was eerily similar to receiving an email with a photo of yourself dozing off. It was a terrible and hazardous feeling. It’s still there. “I’m doing my best to ignore it,” he says.


British-born cinematographer Ben Richardson had previously worked on the Oscar-winning Beasts of the Southern Wild and the recently nominated Mare of Easttown, which Kendrick met while filming Drinking Buddies in 2013. They collaborated on Happy Christmas in 2014 and Table 19 in 2017. Only in an interview with Glamour in 2015 did Kendrick admit to being in a “really sweet scenario” with Richardson.

It’s not clear when they broke up, but they are no longer together. “The true storyline that we wanted was to illustrate how we learn from each relationship,” Kendrick said in 2020 when advertising Season 1 of Love Life, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. When relationships end, that doesn’t mean they were failures in the fullest sense. When new people enter your life, you change and grow as a result of their presence. The lessons you gain from them can be positive or harmful. When I looked back on my early 20s dating experiences with the males in my life, it made me squirm because we were all so awkward and needy and clinging,” she said. ‘Oh God, I was such a jerk in that relationship,’ I think back on it now. It may also be all the instances when I was too afraid to say, “You can’t speak to me like that.”

Anna Kendrick and Ben Richardson’s relationship was rumored to be on the rocks.
Prior to their breakup, nothing is known about Kendrick and Richardson’s relationship status as an engaged couple.

What kind of relationship did Anna Kendrick and Jake Gyllenhaal have when they were younger?

End of Watch co-star Jake Gyllenhaal and End of Watch co-star Kendrick was supposed to have developed a romantic relationship in September 2011, although it was never confirmed.

Kendrick did tell Mario Lopez that Gyllenhaal was “a wonderful kisser” while promoting the picture. A real gentleman, that’s what I’d describe him as.” It was also said that she enjoyed caressing his shaved-down head while filming, but that she also preferred him “with a little stubble.”


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