Who Is Moniece Slaughter Dating? Her Relationship Timeline Explained!


Singer-songwriter Moniece Slaughter is a native of the United States. It was at the age of 34 that she became a mother. The Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star is best recognized for her Los Angeles roots.

Moniece was a major character on the show for the first five seasons. She was promoted to a supporting role in the sixth and seventh seasons of Love & Hip Hop: New York.

There are no surprises in the eighth season of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. When the first season of America’s Next Top Model premiered in 2010, she sang the original theme song. In the third season, Moniece came out as bisexual. The name “Kali” is another one that has been given to her.

Marla Thomas is the name of her mother. In addition to being her stepfather, Dave Thomas is the lead singer of the Grammy-winning band Taking 6. After some hesitation, I can now proudly say I am bisexual. Despite her sexual orientation, she dreaded being singled out for criticism.Love & Hip Hop' Star Moniece Slaughter and Girlfriend Breakup

A homosexual lifestyle was out of step with her Christian upbringing. Despite what she had indicated earlier, this was not the case.

Relationships between Love and Hip Hop cast members and Moniece Slaughter

She was presented as a single mother struggling to provide for her child throughout the film. Lil’ Fizz and Kamron David Frederic had a baby on January 8, 2010.

In the first season, we learn about her and Lil’ Fizz’s struggles with co-parenting. Using her representation of an estranged mother, Moniece tries to break the “dreary mother” image and dispel it.

She begins her own sex toy business in order to provide for her family’s financial needs. Fizz and Amanda Secor’s two-year relationship is thrust to the forefront in the first season. While they struggle, Moniece yanks Amanda’s hair and pulls her along with her.

Moniece’s lover, New York, is introduced in the second episode of this season’s L&HH: New York. In this season, she explores her mental health and her strained connection with her mother, among other things.

Brandi and Princess engage in a brawl at the second season reunion, and Moniece gets drawn into the fray. Their rivalry would take center stage in the third season. Reunion footage from the show’s third season reveals that Slaughter is bisexual, as well. A sex tape was also released during this time period.

A.D., who appeared with him in Season 4, has joined the cast as well. A.D.’s best buddy Tiffany started dating Lil’ Fizz in the fifth season. Her final season as a main cast member of the show is here.

Producing executives reportedly forced her to make a public case for her firing. Once and for all, Princess and Moniece were reunited. In spite of the fact that Moniece’s relationship with Lil’ Fuzz, the father of her son, continues to deteriorate, she is still portrayed as a newborn mother who has been abandoned. Fizz’s deceptions about him and Apryl have led to even more strife. Sadly, this is the last time we’ll see her on the show.

Moniece is back for two episodes in the seventh season of Love and Hip Hop: New York. Her only other option was to call Rich, her ex-boyfriend, and ask him what was up. In spite of the fact that he was dating Jade, Rich tried to rekindle his affections for her.


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