Season 4 of In the Dark – What We Know So Far


In the Dark’s third season ended on Oct. 6, 2021, which means it’s time to speculate about the fourth season. Fortunately for the show’s fans, The CW announced its early renewal on February 3rd (via Decider). That means there’s going to be a lot more Murphy (Perry Mattfeld) and her group of blind, drunken, emotionally immature, sex-addicted scumbags. She has a lot on her plate, and that includes solving a murder… but she’s also involved in money laundering and blackmailing as well as breaking and entering and learning about the criminal underworld. Murphy eventually even became a wanted man.

Indeed, the show has evolved significantly since its early days, with several plot twists and turmoil driving the action. If you’re eagerly anticipating the return of the show to learn what will become of Murphy in the upcoming season, keep reading to learn more. If you haven’t seen the third season of this undervalued series yet, you might want to do so now that it’s available on Netflix. What we know about Season 4 at this point

Season 4 Is on Its Way, but We Have No Idea When

As part of its 2021-2022 TV season, which began in September and runs through the summer of 2023, The CW said the fourth season of “In the Dark” would be coming soon. The first 13 episodes of each of the show’s three seasons aired around a year apart. After a short, perhaps COVID-19-influenced delay on June 23, 2021, the third season of the show will premiere in April 2020 (according to IMDb). If everything goes according to plan, the show will premiere in late spring or early summer of 2022 if nothing goes awry. After the show’s broadcast run concludes, fans can expect to watch the new season on Netflix in the fall, just like prior seasons.

Those who haven’t seen all three seasons on Netflix have plenty of time to do so. Fans may see a chastened Murphy in the future episodes of Season 4, but what fun is that going to be for them? Fans of “In the Dark” know that the show likes to keep them guessing, so whatever storylines the show chooses to explore next season can expect plenty of surprises.dark-season-4-1-7604778

In the Dark Season 4 Cast:
  • Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason.
  • Rich Sommer as Dean Riley.
  • Brooke Markham as Jess Damon.
  • Casey Deidrick as Max Parish.
  • Keston John as Darnell James.
  • Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell.
  • Thamel Mpumlwana as Tyson Parker.
  • Derek Webster as Hank Mason.

A Blind Young Woman Is Trying to Uncover the Death of Her Companion in the Dark Season 4.

Anna Fisher and Corinne Kingsbury are the minds behind the series In the Dark.

Morgan Krantz, Brooke Markham, and Perry Mattfeld feature in the television series In the Dark.

Ben Stiller, Jackie Cohn, Nicky Weinstock, Frank Siracusa, Corinne Kingsbury, Michael Showalter, John Weber, and Andrea Raffaghello served as executive producers for the series In the Dark.

Amy Turner, Jeff J.J. Authors, Adrian Cruz, and Perry Mattfeld developed the television series In the Dark. Each episode of In the Dark has a running time of around 42 minutes.

Warner Bros. Television Studios and CBS Studios collaborated on the series In the Dark, produced by Red Hour Films and Warner Bros. Television Studios. WDTD and CBS Media Ventures are the two companies in charge of domestic television distribution.

The CW has premiered the new series In the Dark. Steven K. Tsuchida, Ryan McFaul, Ingrid Jungermann, Brian Dannelly, David Grossman, Clara Aranovich, Jeff Chan, Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour, Norman Buckley, Patricia Cardoso, Anna Mastro, Kyra Sedgwick, Randy Zisk, etc. were the directors of the series In the Dark.


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