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Season 2 of Decoupled Has a Release Date and a Confirmation!


In “Decoupled,” a Netflix romantic comedy-drama, Arya and Shruti, a divorcing couple, try to mend their relationship. By emphasizing the subtlety of love and the complexities of daily relationships, it offers a cheerful and refreshing look at a marriage that appears to have run its course

Adapted from Manu Joseph’s novel series, the story takes place in Gurgaon, a cosmopolitan city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

Fans of Hindi-language television soon fell in love with the show’s excellent chemistry between Aryan and Shruti and their witty banter.

What will happen to this odd couple and their precocious adolescent daughter in the second season after the suspenseful first season finale? “Decoupled” season 2 information is all here for your perusal.

Release Date for Decoupled Season 2

Season 2 of Decoupled Has a Release Date and a Confirmation! Until then, Netflix comedy-drama watchers can only speculate about when the show will be ready to stream.

In the Second Season, the Plot Was Disconnected From the Characters

Arya and Shruti realize their marriage is gone in the first season of the show. Together, they’re attempting to figure out what the best course of action is for their divorce while also juggling fresh job prospects and the prospect of seeing other people.

According to Shruti’s family, Indian marriages don’t need love in order to be successful. Divorce parties are held for both couples, although Shruti and Arya’s divorce celebration is held in Goa. Rohini, on the other hand, is devastated by the news of her parent’s divorce.

Shruti and Rohini embrace Mr. Lee’s offer of a hedge fund in London. It is only Chetan who reveals the news to Arya.

Arya looks at Shruti in sadness as he knows that he will lose both his daughter and his partner in the season finale.

It will be revealed if the show returns for a second season whether Shruti, Arya, and Rohini are alive or dead. Will Shruti move to London with Rohini and Shruti? No, she would not be able to afford to live alone in Gurgaon.

Even if Rohini isn’t delighted about the divorce, she’ll likely resist going to a strange place with only one of her parents, and we’ll see how she reacts to the entire issue.

Arya and Shruti’s careers might be key to the second season if the show is renewed. New and returning persons may also complicate the lives of Arya and Shruti.

Decoupled Season 2 Cast


Srestha Banerjee

Himani Bhatia

Surveen Chawla

Release Date

The second season of Decoupled, a comedy-drama web series in Hindi, will premiere on Netflix in 2022.
There will be a second season of the comedy/drama web series Decoupled, which will be produced by Andolan Films and Bombay Fables Motion Pictures and star R. Madhavan, Srestha Banerjee, and Himanee Bhatia. Decoupled Season 2 will premiere exclusively on Netflix in 2022 and will be available in Hindi and English.

The release date for the second season of Decoupled has yet to be announced, but according to our sources with Netflix, it will premiere in 2022. More information about the second season of Decoupled will be available soon.


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