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Sunil Grover’s Zee5 Show, Sunflower, Returns for a Second Season

Sunflower, Returns for a Second Season

Take the case of Sunflower, the popular Indian sitcom starring Sunil Grover, which you’ve just finished watching. Sunflower’s first season has already aired and has garnered positive reviews from both fans and reviewers.

We strongly advise you not to read this article if you haven’t yet seen the first season of this amazing web series. The first season concluded with a huge cliffhanger that needs to be answered, according to the looks of things.

The real killer’s whereabouts are still a mystery. Sonu’s mysterious past remains a mystery as well. It’s safe to say, however, that Mr. Ajuha has really assassinated Mr. Kapoor following a series of unexpected events.

Date of Sunflower Season 2

The second season of the Sunflower has yet to be announced by the show’s creators. The sequel to Season 1 will be released in Mid-2022 assuming Season 1’s release date is taken into account.

Season 2 of Sunflower Has Been Renewed and Is in Filming

The first season finished with a big cliffhanger, which has sparked curiosity about the future of the series. There are no specifics about the upcoming season because the show has not been renewed, and no new season has been announced.

Filming of the series has yet to begin due to the lack of a written plot. The script will almost certainly be ready in the next months. However, there have been no announcements from the creators about the second season’s development or production.

The Plot of Sunflower Season 2

Sonu had supposedly been kidnapped by the dreaded Gurleen family by the conclusion of season one and taken to Jalandhar. In the police investigation, Sonu has been deemed to be the genuine killer, and the police are now searching for Sonu.

Star Cast Of Season 2

Cast Real Name Role Play Name
Sunil Grover Sonu Singh
Ranvir Shorey Inspector S. Digendra
Mukul Chadha Mr. Ahuja
Girish Kulkarni Sub Inspector Chetan Tambe
Radha Bhatt Mrs. Ahuja
Ashish Vidyarthi Dilip Iyer
Shonali Nagrani Mrs. Kapoor
Sonal Jha Mrs. Iyer
Saloni Khanna Aanchal
Ashwin Kaushal Mr. Kapoor
Annapurna Soni Maid
Dayana Erappa Justina
Ria Nalavade Paddy Iyer
Simran Nerurkar Gurleen
Nirvair Bhan Monty
Pallavi Das Juhi
Sameer Khakhar Mr. Tondon

Secondary Cast

Cast Real Name Role Play Name
Navdeep Tomar Watchman
Gurnavdeep Singh Chinese Delivery Boy
Sal Yusuf Chairman-Blush Cosmetics
Vibhoutee Sharma Akanksha
(Chairman’s Daughter)
Karan Vyas Apoorva
Shayank Shukla Trainee-Aditya
Arav Chowdharry Ramesh Kapoor
Aarit Panwar Raghu
(Digendra’s Son)
Vikash Khurana Mr. Wadhwani
Shiv Prasad Mr. Gupta
Jyoti Kapoor Mrs. Kolkar
Birendra Kumar Mr. Jain
Leena Athawale Datar Mrs. Mittal
Ajit Kelkar Mr. Patel
Praveen Srivastava Mr. Sood
Kirti Sharma Chandni
Jatin Ahuja Aakash
Abhishek Krishnan Sunny
Nandkishor Chikhale Ward Boy 1
Ashok Kangude Ward Boy 2
Shankar Thube Tea Boy
Martin Jishil Narayal Paani Wala

The Sunflower Zee5 Saga Continues.

Mr. Kapoor’s death is at the center of the plot of the Sunflower web series. He was found dead in the middle-class community of Sunflower, where he had been a member.

The police show there and begin questioning the residents. Sonu (as Sunil Grover) belongs to the Sunflower Society in this organization. As we all know, Sunil Grover is a comic genius. This murder mystery is solved in a light-hearted manner thanks to this character.

Who Did Mr. Kapoor’s Killers Come From?

To learn the solution to this question, you must see the complete program on Zee5 only.

The Release Date of Sunflower

As of right now, the Sunflower web series has a release date of 11th June 2021. In addition to the Zee5 App and website, this web series will be available for download. Zee5 requires a subscription if you want to watch this online series.

The Sunflower Zee5 Teaser

Sunflower trailer posted on Zee5 Youtube channel:-


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