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Adult Swim Fans Celebrate Smiling Friends Season Two

Adult Swim

Another Adult Swim hit, like Rick & Morty or Metalocalypse, or Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the strange Smiling Friends, which will return for a second season in the near future as well. Adult Swim fans were overjoyed to learn that Smiling Friends, which premiered on HBO Max earlier this year, will be returning for a second season, which will chronicle the weird company’s ongoing adventures in putting a smile on its clients’ faces.

Adult Swim aired the debut episode of the show on April Fool’s Day in 2020, which introduced us to Smiling Friends, a group of people who work together to deliver smiles to their customers’ faces. The debut season of the Adult Swim animated series, which features eight strange episodes, has already become a fan favorite.

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Adult Swim announced the exciting news on its official Twitter account, saying that the second season of the comedy, which follows Pim and Charlie on their never-ending quest to make their clients smile, will once again make fans grin:

The Return of Adult Swim’s Latest Series Has You Eagerly Awaiting Its Return?

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Release Date: Things You Need To Know!

Cartoon Network showed the entire first season earlier this year, but Adult Swim aired an April Fool’s Day 2020 pilot episode that introduced viewers to the Smiling Friends corporation, which aims to put a smile on the faces of its customers in any manner possible. Adult Swim’s first season of the animated series, which features eight strange episodes, has already become a fan favorite.

On its official Twitter account, Adult Swim announced the major news and promised to once more make fans smile by following Pim and Charlie on their endless mission to make customers smile:


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