Letterkenny’s Ensemble Is Known for Their Fondness for Sexism, and Season 11 Has Been Teased.


Residents of the city of Letterkenny deal with their problems and daily struggles in a way that only an old-fashioned street brawl can provide: “Letterkenny” Our favorite Hicks, Skids, and hockey players are back, as well as Tanis’s expanding energy drink company in Season 10.

A humorous Hulu show, Letterkenny, debuted its eleventh episode on Christmas Eve, making it the most popular episode of the year. Prior to the season’s release, Letterkenny fans expressed interest in Season 12.

One of the most popular television shows on the air, the show has an IMDB rating of 8.7. NBC has already granted the go-ahead for an eleventh season of the popular sitcom. Because of this, the next season will be available on Hulu in a matter of days.

This year’s most popular episode of Letterkenny, a Hulu comedy, premiered on Christmas Eve, making it the show’s eleventh. Letterkenny fans were excited about Season 12 even before it was released.

A popular television show with an IMDB rating of 8.7 and a strong following. For the eleventh season of the beloved sitcom, NBC has already given the green light. There will be no delay in getting the new season of The 100 on Hulu as a result of this!

Letterkenny Season 11 is expected to premiere on Hulu in the second half of 2022. As of right now, the network has not set a date for the show’s premiere. There will be more in-depth articles about your favorite shows coming soon.l-intro-1637878901-4574438

The Cast of Letterkenny’s 11th Season

  • Michelle Mylett is a writer and actress who lives in Los Angeles.
  • Andrew Herr is a writer and a musician.
  • Tyler Johnston is a young man who grew up in a little town in the state of Texas.
  • Evan Stern is an American actor and director. He is best known for his role in the film The Great Gatsby.
  • Lisa Codrington is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom.
  • Jacob Tierney is a young man who lives in New York.
  • Kamilla Kowal is a model and actress.
  • Trevor Wilson’s full name is Trevor Wilson.
  • Dan Petronijevic is a Serbian businessman.
  • Mark Your Calendars for the Future
  • Magalie Lepine Blondeau is a French actress and singer.
  • Nathan Dales is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom.
  • Tyler Hynes is a musician from the United States.
  • Dylan Playfair is a young man who grew up in a little town in the United Kingdom.

Letterkenny Season 11 Plot Recap1_20210324_211021_0000-4155865

After concluding Season 10, the Hicks get drunk and start calling each other by their invented nicknames as they drive around town. While the rest of Letterkenny goes about its business, they persuade the Skids and hockey players to come over and help them pick out stones. They also decide to leave behind the hockey players in search of other opportunities.

Season 11 is anticipated to bring the Hicks into contact with “difficult folks” outside of Letterkenny. Another possibility is that Dierks’ muscular (but gullible) city relatives will get involved, as they often do, or a new gang may arise entirely.

There could be a lot more French Canadians and English Canadians in the seasons to come thanks to Marie Fred, who made her debut during season 10.

Release Date

the new season of Letterkenny. The tenth season of the Canadian comedy is set to drop on Hulu on Dec. 26, with six new episodes following the misadventures of the titular town’s residents


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