The “Devious Lick” Meme Is About What? Explained: Titkok Language


Devious Lick, a TikTok meme that went viral, is now all over the web. Trust us, we were as confused as you were at first, but we’ll try to help you understand.

This month, the trend starts to spread (September).

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An old meme about licking things has been explained.
The meme is based on a TikTok made by @dtx.2cent that went viral. It was only a month into school when the TikToker got this “absolutely devious lick.” The TikTok unzipped his bag and found a bottle of hand sanitizer.

In true social media style, the idea caught on and people started making TikTok videos and memes with things that had been stolen and the phrase “Devious Lick.”

The first TikTok now has more than 9 million views and 2 million likes!

Source: The word “devious” can be replaced with words like “diabolical.”

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In this sentence, “DEVIOUS LICK” is asked.
We won’t have to look up Urban Dictionary for you. This way, you won’t have to.

If you use the term “hit the lick,” you’re said to get something of value quickly. The meme is funny because, more often than not, the things that are stolen don’t have much value at all!

There are 7 examples of the meme in this text.
Still don’t understand what I said? Take a look at these 7 memes:

This chair…

A water fountain…

The bathroom mirrors…

A shopping cart…

A cone…

Wet floor sign

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