Season 3 of “Outer Banks”: Everything We Know So Far

outer banks season 3

Nothing in the Outer Banks will ever be the same again after the truth about long-buried secrets is revealed.

Fans were left wondering what would happen to John B.

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, Kie, Pope, JJ, and Sarah after Season 2 finally addressed many of the unanswered questions from Season 1 (and its shocking cliffhanger).

What will the future hold for the Pogues in the upcoming season? Will Ward and the rest of the gang finally be brought to justice?

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Everything you need to know about Outer Banks’ upcoming third season is right here.

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Is There a Third Season of “Outer Banks” in the Works?

You can start chanting “Pogues for Life,” because the Outer Banks has been officially renewed for a third season. On December 7, Netflix announced the news on Twitter, just four months after the release of OBX 2.

This just in from Poguelandia: The Outer Banks will be back for a third season! “The tweet stated. The cast seemed visibly giddy about the forthcoming season in the video, and we can’t blame them.

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Season 3 of the Pogues was announced by Netflix on February 28th, 2022, and is now in the works. “Texting or calling is not an option. Poguelandia is a service-free zone. In an Instagram post, the streaming service stated, “OBX 3 is once again in the works.”

outer banks season 3

Season 3 of Whoopi Goldberg’s Whoopi Whoopi?

Assuming the show gets a second season, it appears like all the Pogues—John B., JJ, Pope, Kie, and Sarah—will return. It makes sense for them to return because there is still so much to tell about their experience.

While Sarah, played by Madelyn Cline, and John B, played by Chase Stokes, were romantically involved on-screen, the actors had an on-off relationship before their breakup in November 2021.

In an interview with ELLE published in March 2022, Madelyn denied reports that she wouldn’t be returning to the OBX. After their split, the 24-year-old actress has “every intention” of finishing Sarah’s story.

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Honestly, I’ll be back for as many seasons as they’ll let me do this job. My cast and crew are some of my favorites.

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And I’m really looking forward to working on the show. “There’s nothing that could persuade me otherwise.” She revealed this to the publication.

“I’m aware that rumors are spreading. In any case, I was bothered by the rumor [that I was reluctant to return] and felt compelled to face it head on. For the simple reason that it’s not true.

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There’s also the possibility that supporting characters like Wheezie and Cleo will return for a third season after helping the Pogues in OBX 2. Carlicia Grant, the actress who portrays Cleo, has said that she would want to see Pope and Cleo develop a love relationship.

outer banks season 3

What Is the Third Season of Obx All About?

There is a good chance that Season 3 will continue just where Season 2 left off, with Clara being forced to choose between helping John B and his fellow Pogues recover the shroud or going it alone.

A significant narrative point in season 3 is going to be Big John’s survival. Whether he finds out at the start or finish is unknown.

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The murders of Big John and the other crimes they perpetrated to prevent the Pogues from progressing in their search should guarantee Ward and Rafe suffer the repercussions of their conduct.

When Will the Third Season of Outer Banks Be Released?

The third season of OBX has been officially announced for December 2021. A release date is unlikely to be given any time soon, as the program is back in production as of February 28, 2022.

Season 3 might arrive at Netflix as early as this year or as late as 2023, based on the gap between seasons 1 and 2.