Is Tyler Mahoney Parker Schnabel’s New Girlfriend or Not?

Parker Schnabel's New Girlfriend

She is Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend, but what do we know about her? You must have seen Parker Schnabel on the Discovery show Gold Rush! He came across as a young gold miner who started working for his grandfather when he was a child. He first appeared on the show when Parker was just 16 years old! The popular show about Gold Rush season 12 is about to start. Parker Schnabel seems to be stressed about this. There are a lot of people who want to know where the celebrity is. The Gold Rush Star, on the other hand, doesn’t make a big deal about his love life.

In the beginning, Parker seemed to be a person who was a little rash. He soon became known as an inspirational figure who took over his grandfather’s mining company. When he started getting a lot of attention, the channel started making a show called Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail, which was about him. Seeing how much money his business makes can be misleading, says the star, who has a smart way to look at his savings. Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend has a lot of interesting things to say. Let’s look at them all.

At the End of Season 8, It Was Announced That Youle Was Leaving Gold RushParker Schnabel Girlfriend: Is The Gold Rush Star Dating Tyler Mahoney? - OtakuKart

Could the pressures of TV, as shown by the failed kiss competition, have caused Parker Schnabel and Ashley Youle to break up? When Schnabel said in the Season 8 episode “Win Big or Die Trying” that he and Youle broke up, he didn’t say that was the reason. “As good as our season was, there was one thing that didn’t go well for me,” Schnabel said during the episode. “Ashley and I broke up, so we no longer live together. When I was with her, I didn’t make the relationship a top priority. I didn’t make her a top priority. As a matter of fact, she deserves a lot more than that ” (via Gold Rush News).

In this link, you can read more about Ashley Youle’s real reason for leaving the gold rush.

She Is the Girlfriend of Parker Schnabel

While Parker was dating Ashley Youle at first, fans started to think that he and Tyler Mahoney were having a relationship soon after. He was a young gold miner, model, and star of the show Aussie Gold Hunters.

While Parker was single for a long time, Ashley Youle, the Australian girlfriend he had before, broke up with him. Fans have been rooting for Parker and Tyler, but the two did not date at any point during the show, and romance rumors did not start up after the show ended.parker-schnabel-tyler-mahoney-1292149

It’s Been a Long Time Since Parker Schnabel and Ashley Were Together

All in all, it looks like Parker and Ashley didn’t have a good time at all after all. This is what the Gold Rush star said: He didn’t make their relationship the most important thing to do. Parker said even more on an episode of Win Big or Die Trying that Ashley can do better than him. He called the split a failure. That’s how it looks like Parker came clean about the breakup. Check out this trailer for the season finale of Gold Rush if you haven’t seen it yet.

Ashley, who is a veterinary nurse, met Parker in Australia in 2016 and they hit it off right away. Parker even invited Ashley to Klondike to spend the gold mining season there with him. This is how it worked out: Ashley took the offer, and she starred in the show for two years. Parker even said that her former partner, Ashley, was a big help to her. For how well the summer went, I don’t think she should be given enough credit for it. Because Parker didn’t make the relationship his number one thing, she lost a good one. He prayed for his former partner to be happy in all of his life.

Friend James Levelle May Not Be as Good as He Used to Be

James LeVelle, who has worked with the Gold Rush star for years, seems to have broken up with him. According to Parker, he and James did not get along very well. He said this in an interview with People magazine and said that he doesn’t like James. Further, he said that the two were always fighting over routes and planning the trip, and the disagreements were more about their creative differences than about the routes or the trip itself.

Before this all started, Parker said that he thought that he did and that he hasn’t talked to him in a long time because they had a lot of problems. She seems to be having a good time with friends and family back in Australia. She’s also focusing more on her work than anything else at the moment, and that’s not going to change. He has a lot going on for him, and fans are excited to see it all. The new season of the Gold Rush is finally here!


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