When Does Season 11 Part 2 of ‘the Walking Dead’ Air, and How Can I Get Early Access to the Episodes?

Season 11 Part 2 of 'the Walking Dead'

The second instalment of The Walking Dead’s final season is almost here.

The last episode of the zombie drama, which airs on AMC, has been divided into three parts. From August through October 2021, the first volume, named 11A, was issued.

Here’s all you need to know about volume two, commonly known as 11B, and how to get a week early access to episodes.

**Warning: This article includes spoilers for Season 11A of The Walking Dead**

When Will Season 11 Part 2 of ‘the Walking Dead Air?

Season 11 of The Walking Dead has a total of 24 episodes, with each volume having the same number of episodes.

As a result, 11B will have a total of eight episodes, which will be distributed weekly, much like the first volume.

AMC will premiere the new episodes on Sunday, February 20 at 9 p.m. EST. Jon Amiel directed the first episode, which is titled “No Other Way.”

Season 11A of The Walking Dead concluded on a cliffhanger, with Leah Shaw (Lynn Collins) becoming the leader of The Reapers after killing Pope (Ritchie Coster).

Leah also realised that Daryl Dixon’s (Norman Reedus) true allegiance was not with her and her fellow Reapers, which might have serious ramifications for the fan favourite in 11B.

Furthermore, in Season 11A’s finale, the Alexandria community was held down, with the characters having to contend with Walkers infiltrating their town after a storm destroyed one of the walls sufficiently for them to get in.

Following the dramatic finale of Season 11A, Season 11B will undoubtedly reveal the destiny of all of the show’s characters.

How to Get a Head Start on the Walking Dead Season 11 Part 2

Fans of The Walking Dead will be aware that the programme has found a home on AMC, where it will air weekly—but there is a method to obtain early access to the new episodes.

Those who want to catch up on the show before it returns on Sunday, February 20 can obtain an AMC+ membership and view the first episode of Season 11B right away.

On the streaming platform, all episodes of The Walking Dead air a week early, so the first episode is already accessible to watch.the-walking-dead-season-11-netflix-9867615

The ad-free streaming service costs $8.99 a month, with a 7-day free trial for new customers who want to try it out before making a commitment.

Those who have an Amazon Prime account can access AMC+ through their Prime Video subscription, and the same is true for Apple and Roku users. AMC+ is also available for a free 7-day trial on all three platforms.

Season 11B of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on Sunday, December 7 at 9 p.m. EST, and the debut episode is currently available on AMC+.

The Walking Dead Is a Zombie Apocalypse

Season 11 of “The Walking Dead” stars Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. On Sunday, February 20, the second half of the season premieres on AMC. AMC/Josh Stringer
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The Walking Dead season 11 release date: When will season 11 of The Walking Dead be released?
The final season of The Walking Dead premiered in late February 2022 on AMC.

The second batch of episodes will run through episode 16, after which there will be a second mid-season hiatus to allow production to wrap up.

Later in 2022, a final block of eight episodes (of 24) will be released, bringing the season (and show) to a close.

In february 21 2023, there will be a spinoff series.


Where Can I Watch the Walking Dead Season 11 in the United Kingdom?

The first ten seasons were shown on the Fox channel in the United Kingdom, which is available on Sky and Virgin Media. Disney, on the other hand, shut down the channel in the summer of 2021 and moved The Walking Dead to Disney+.

In the UK, it is now available exclusively through the streaming service’s age-restricted section, Star on Disney+.

Where Can I Watch the Walking Dead Season 11 in the United States?

Season 11 of The Walking Dead airs on AMC in the United States, same as the previous seasons. It’s also available to stream on the AMC+ service.

Which streaming device is best for your TV? The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max is our top suggestion. The Google Chromecast with Google TV, the Roku Express 4K, the Apple TV 4K, and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are also good.

Season 11 of the Walking Dead Has How Many Episodes?

The Walking Dead’s 11th and final season will consist of 24 episodes.

They are divided into three blocks, each with eight episodes.

What Can We Expect in Season 11 Part 2 and Beyond of the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead’s last season is inspired by issues 175 to 193 of Robert Kirkman’s, Charlie Adlard’s, and Tony Moore’s comic books.

Naturally, there are some adjustments, given that the TV series has already deviated significantly from the comics.

The Commonwealth, on the other hand, plays an important role, as it does near the end of the books. We’ve already seen a lot of it in the episodes that have been shown thus far.

Where Can I Get Earlier Seasons of the Walking Dead to Watch?fb89mwagwu2fvtrtdnwvng-2983488

All ten prior seasons of The Walking Dead, as well as the first ten episodes of season 11 of The Walking Dead, are now available to stream on Disney+ in HD and 5.1 surround sound. The Star on Disney+ part of the streaming service is where you’ll find them.

In the United States, you may binge-watch The Walking Dead from season 1 to 11 (up to episode 10) on AMC+.

Is There Going to Be a 12th Season of the Walking Dead?

Sadly, The Walking Dead’s long TV adventure comes to an end with season 11 episode 24.

However, spinoffs and new series centred in the same universe will be produced in the future, including a brand-new spinoff starring two of the most important characters.

However, we don’t want to give anything away by revealing who it is.


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